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On-Site Learning Guidelines (102.117)

On-Site Learning Guidelines (102.117) - Policies, Clinical, UWMF Clinical, UWMF-wide, Clinical Policies and Procedures, Staff Policies




TITLE: On-Site Learning Guidelines

Effective Date: 7/11/2011 Approval: See Authorization
Supersedes Protocol: None Contact: Clinical Staff Education

Reviewed October 2012 May 2014

PURPOSE: To provide guidelines and maintain consistency in the development and implementation of on-site
learning opportunities at University of Wisconsin Medical Foundation (UWMF) or Department of Family
Medicine (DFM) clinics.

DEFINITION: A ‘Lunch & Learn’ or on-site learning is an informal educational opportunity developed and
implemented by the clinic manager, or the clinical/provider staff.

Managers, providers and clinic staff will utilize the following guidelines when developing or
implementing an on-site learning opportunity.
Clinic staff should maintain their employee training record of such any informal clinic based educational
Clinic Managers should recognize informal clinic based educational sessions during the employee’s
annual evaluation and allow CMA/RMA/MA staff to use these informal sessions towards the 10 contact
hours required annually
1. The manager will approve the following aspects of the on-site training:
a. Topic or content: Topic may include clinical, medical or administrative information designed to
increase clinical knowledge, work efficiency or staff relations. When possible corresponding
organizational policies and procedures should be reviewed or referenced during training sessions.
Sessions may, but need not include a pre or post test, or skills check off.
b. For purposes of the organizational required continuing education the following should be used to
calculate the time allotment:
i. 15 minutes = 0 education hour
ii. 30 minutes = .5 education hour
iii. 60 minutes = 1 education hour
c. Presenter: a speaker may be clinic staff or from outside the clinic.
2. Staff who attend any on-site informal education, in its entirety, and wish to have the time recognized,
must place the educational session into the Learning and Development System or keep an account of
these training sessions for annual review time.


Steps for entering course information into Learning & Development System (LDS)- UWMF staff only

a. Go to U-Connect > Classroom > UW Health Learning and Development System OR use this link: UW
Health Learning and Development System
b. In the User ID and Password field, enter your Novell user ID and password. Click Sign In.
c. Click on Main Menu
d. Click on Self Service
e. Click on Learning
f. Click on Supplemental Learning
g. Choose appropriate ‘Type’ of course. Click Continue
h. Type in required course information, then click SAVE

WRITTEN BY: LaVay Morrison, RN, BSN, Clinical Staff Educator

REVISED/REVIEWED BY: LaVay Morrison RN BSN, Clinical Staff Educator, 2014
Ronnie Peterson RN MS, Manager of Clinical Support, 2014

AUTHORIZED BY: Richard Welnick, MD, Medical Director, UWMF Ambulatory Clinic Operations
Sandra A. Kamnetz M.D., Vice Chair, Department of Family Medicine

Medical Director, UWMF Date

Vice Chair, Department of Family Medicine Date