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Visiting Recovery Surgeon Credential Verification (ACIN) (2.10)

Visiting Recovery Surgeon Credential Verification (ACIN) (2.10) - Policies, Clinical, UWHC Clinical, Department Specific, UW Organ and Tissue Donation


Established Date: December 2009
Effective Date: January 2018
Title: Visiting Recovery Surgeon Credential
Verification (ACIN)
Policy Number: 2.10

Electronically Approved By: Michael E. Anderson, PA-C Anthony M. D’Alessandro, M.D.
Executive Director Medical Director

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The purpose of this policy is to outline a procedure to verify that non-local recovering surgeons outside the
University of Wisconsin Organ and Tissue (UW OTD) Donation Service Area (DSA) are qualified to recover
organs for transplantation and research according to all regulatory requirements.

A. UW OTD will ensure that all non-local recovering surgeons are qualified to recover organs for
transplantation and research.
B. This verification will be completed prior to organ recovery.
C. When coordinating a local DSA recovery with non-local recovering teams, a UW OTD Organ
Procurement Coordinator (OPC) will confirm the names of each lead surgeon (surgeon of record)
of the visiting teams.
D. Their qualifications will be verified by accessing the AOPO Confirmation Information Network
(ACIN) verification system which is managed by the Association of Organ Procurement
Organizations (AOPO).
E. The OPC will enter the lead surgeon’s name for each recovering team into the verification
system. If found, the OPC will print the document confirming the surgeon has the proper
F. In the notes section of the credential form, the OPC will document the UNOS ID of the donor’s
G. The printed credential form will be filed in the donor’s record.
H. If a lead surgeon’s name is not found in the ACIN verification system, the OPC will request the
credentials be faxed to UW OTD and the OPC will file the credential form in the donor’s record.