Policies,Clinical,UWHC Clinical,Department Specific

UW Organ and Tissue Donation

UW Organ and Tissue Donation - Policies, Clinical, UWHC Clinical, Department Specific

Archived Serum and Plasma Storage (2.13)
Bedside Liver Biopsy (2.09)
Cleaning the UW OTD Laboratory and Lab Office (3.05)
Deceased Donor Organ Imports (3.03)
Disposal of Regulated Medical Waste (3.07)
Equipment Temperature Tracking (3.06)
First Person Authorization Determination and Conflict Resolution (2.15)
Implementation of OPTN Liver Allocation Policies (2.16)
Increased Risk for Disease Transmission Identification and Reporting (2.04)
Inspection of Sterile Supplies and Equipment (3.10)
Kidney Machine Perfusion and Cold Storage (3.08)
Legal Next of Kin Consent for Donation (2.06)
Local Recovery Surgeon Verification (3.01)
Medical Examiner or Coroner Consent for Donation and District Attorney Notification (2.05)
Moment of Silence (3.12)
Organ Allocation for Local Donors and Directed Donation (2.12)
Organ Donation after Circulatory Death (DCD) (2.07)
Organ Recovery (3.11)
Packaging and Labeling of Organ Donor Vessels (3.09)
Packaging, Labeling, and Storage of Organs and Tissue Typing Materials (3.04)
Patient Assessment and Management for Organ Donation (2.03)
Potential Disease Transmission Postā€Transplant (2.14)
Recovery Team Professional Code of Conduct (3.02)
Reporting Culture Results and Other Post-Recovery Results (2.08)
Requests for Additional Tissue and/or Blood Samples (2.11)
Response and Tracking of Referrals of Potential Organ, Tissue and Eye Donors (2.01)
Verification of the Determination of Brain Death (2.02)
Visiting Recovery Surgeon Credential Verification (ACIN) (2.10)