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Clinical - Policies, Clinical, UWHC Clinical, Department Specific, Surgical Services

Admission of Patients to Surgical Services and Requirements for Initiation of Surgical Procedures (2.01)
Blood and Blood Components - OR (2.04)
Cardiac Arrest Protocol (2.05)
Closed Autologous Blood Recovery System (2.07)
Documentation for the Care of the Patient in the Operating Room (2.10)
Electrosurgical Safety (2.11)
Hysteroscopy - Management of Uterine Distention Fluid (2.53)
Immediate Use Steam Sterilization (IUSS) in UW Health Operating Rooms (2.31)
Latex Hypersensitivity Protocol (2.16)
Management of Malignant Hyperthermia Susceptible Patients and a MH Crisis (2.18)
Operative Triage of the Trauma Patient (2.29)
Outpatient Surgery Center Post-Operative Patient Call Back (2.02)
Outpatient Surgery Center Pre-Operative Requirements (2.03)
Perioperative Preparation of the Surgical Site: Hair Removal and Surgical Skin Preparation (2.21)
Skin Tissue Banking - Autologous Bone Flap Storage - Cardiac and Eye Tissue Storage (2.23)
Surgical Counts (2.54)
Transfer of Stereotaxic Biopsy Patients from the Inpatient PACU to CT Scan (2.38)
Transportation of Patients to the Inpatient OR (2.28)
Use of PACU Discharge Scoring Criteria – Adult (2.36A)
Use of PACU Discharge Scoring Criteria – Pediatric (2.36P)