Policies,Clinical,UWHC Clinical,Department Specific,Surgical Services


Administrative - Policies, Clinical, UWHC Clinical, Department Specific, Surgical Services

Case Scheduling Outpatient Surgery Center - Operating Room (1.42)
Dress Code in the Department of Surgical Services (1.06)
Incapacitated Surgical Team member - Safe Patient Coverage (1.61)
Indirect Surgical Supervision in the Intraoperative Areas (1.63)
OR Controlled Substances - Holidays, Inpatient OR, AFCH OR and TAC (1.03)
OR Controlled Substances - Weekdays, Inpatient OR, AFCH, TAC and OSC (1.04)
Parental Presence in AFCH PACU (1.62)
Parents/Support Person Present with Child at Induction of Anesthesia (1.15)
Pharmacy Services: Outpatient Surgery Center (PACU/Amb Care) (1.39)
Prisoners, Care of in the Inpatient OR (1.40)
Scheduling, Preparing, and Organizing Patient for Transplantations, i.e. Liver, Heart, Lung, Kidney-Pancreas, and Kidney (1.09)
VA Patients in the UWHC Operating Room - Identifying and Charging (1.35)
Visitors in Surgical Services/OR: Students, Observers, Media Access (1.24)
Waiting Areas (1.33)