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Radiology Disaster Plan (1.07)

Radiology Disaster Plan (1.07) - Policies, Clinical, UWHC Clinical, Department Specific, Radiology



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January 31, 2013

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Title: Radiology Disaster Plan

Radiology Disaster Plan Page 1 of 2 Revised: 03/11/2013

A. Define response procedures specific to the UWHC - Department of Radiology in the event of a

A. UW Health External Disaster Plan – Policy 12.17

A. Upon notification, External Disaster Plan in effect, Department Director receives a page from the
UWHC Paging Center to call the message line (265-7332).

B. Radiology Disaster List Page (5115) will be activated as necessary by the Department Director or
designee with specific communications of event. Refer to the Radiology Disaster Roster binder in the
Radiology CT Reading Room (E3/361) in a wall bin labeled: “Radiology Disaster Plan” or the website
directory. Radiology Managers and the Equipment Coordinator will contact the disaster designee
once the page received to get further instructions.

Radiology Emergency contact numbers:
Radiology CT Control area (E3/375)
264-9054 (calls from outside hospital)

C. All radiology department management team members or if after hours, one lead tech or designee will
report to the Radiology Command Center in the CT control Area, E3/375 following the overhead alert

D. Paging operator will page the radiologist resident. The on call resident will contact the Chair and Vice
Chair of the department and direct the department assistant to call in additional staff as necessary.
The assigned Radiologists will report to the Radiology Command Center for a briefing and then will
report to their assigned Reading Rooms:

i. Diagnostic Radiology/Musculoskeletal Imaging Section – reports to the MSK Reading
Room, J5/298
ii. Abdominal Imaging reports to: CT Reading Room, E3/361
iii. Neuroradiology - reports to: Neuro Reading Room, E1/3185
iv. Body Interventional will report to: IR Reading Room, D4/377

E. The Department Director or other designated department representatives will update designated radiology
personnel at the Radiology Command Center and provide further triage of staff to support the disaster efforts.

F. If the resident on call determines the need for the IR neuro and/or body technologists and nurses on call, the
Radiology Command Center will page them. To Initiate Page: 265-7000

i. Radiology Tech/Body call: pager 0510
ii. Radiology Nurse/Body call: pager 2639
iii. Radiology Tech/Neuro call: pager 0515
iv. Radiology Nurse/Neuro call: pager 6387


Ef f ect i ve Date:
January 31, 2013

Administrati ve Manual
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Title: Radiology Disaster Plan

Radiology Disaster Plan Page 2 of 2 Revised: 03/11/2013

G. If the Radiology Resident on call determines that the disaster requires more resources than are
available at the University Hospital, he/she will notify the Chair of Radiology or designee who will then
notify the VA Radiology Department and VA Chief of Staff. The VA Chief of Staff will mobilize
resources to assist in coordination with the UW Command Center. VA Radiology may be required to
perform routine plain film radiographic procedures as well as CT procedures.

H. Supplies will be available for offices and clinical areas, i.e. hand hygiene products, tissue, flashlights,
and any other infection control supplies. These supplies will be located in the Radiology CT Control
Area (E3/375)

I. The Disaster Command Center Operations Chief (262-4937) should be kept advised of any changes
in the status within Radiology.


Signed By:
Vicki Hill, MS, MBA, Director, Radiology Administration
Michael Tuite, MD, Vice Chair, Radiology Clinical Operations