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Vaccine for Children (VFC) Ordering Procedure (9.11)

Vaccine for Children (VFC) Ordering Procedure (9.11) - Policies, Clinical, UWHC Clinical, Department Specific, Pharmacy, Purchasing and Inventory


Effective Date:

June 2016
 Pharmacy Policy Manual
Chapter: Purchasing - Inventory
Operations Procedure Manual

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Vaccine for Children (VFC) Ordering

The Pharmacy Department will order replacement vaccine product through the Vaccine for
Children (VFC) program following the rules of the program and with the assistance of
UWHealth Information Systems Department.

A. On a quarterly basis a designated UWHealth Information Systems staff member will
generate a tally of vaccines that were administered to VFC eligible patients in UWHealth
Clinics. The tally is completed through queries into the UWMF and UWHC patient billing
systems for all appropriate clinic locations.
1. Tally documentation is saved in the appropriate folder on the J: drive.
2. Detailed patient data is not included with tally and may be obtained through appropriate
billing system queries.
B. A Pharmacy Purchasing Department member will use this tally to submit an order through
the Wisconsin Immunization Registry (WIR) system to replace vaccines used for VFC
eligible patients.
1. Order documentation is saved in the appropriate folder on the J: drive.
C. The vaccines ordered for replacement VFC will be received into inventory in both the
UWHC and UWMF Pharmacy Peoplesoft inventory systems.
1. Receipt documentation is saved in the appropriate folder on the J: drive.
D. Upon receipt of the vaccine into the pharmacy inventory systems appropriate credits to
appropriate UWMF and UWHC cost centers will be made lowering the expense for vaccine
purchases during the quarter.

III. Additional VFC Resources and Document Archive Links

UWMF Order Documents and Resources
J:\Rx\RXShare\Clinic Pharmaceuticals - 1 South Park\VFC

UWHC Order Documents and Resources
J:\Rx\Epic\Billing\HB Billing\Vaccines For Children

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Director of Pharmacy