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Drug Formulary (13.6)

Drug Formulary (13.6) - Policies, Clinical, UWHC Clinical, Department Specific, Pharmacy, Drug Policy



Effective Date:

August 2002

⌧Pharmacy Policy Manual
Chapter: Drug Policy
Operations Procedure Manual

Policy #: 13.6

⌧Revision 04/12
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Title: Drug Formulary

I. PURPOSE: To provide a method of communicating formulary information to UWHealth
pharmacists, physicians and other health care providers.

II. POLICY: The Department of Pharmacy will publish the UWHealth drug formulary on
the hospital Intranet. The purpose of the formulary is to serve as an aid to patient care, a
teaching tool for rational pharmacotherapy decisions and as a policy tool. The formulary
will contain a list of current formulary medications, restrictions, and therapeutic
interchanges, links to select guidelines for drug use and such information as is needed to
ensure safe, appropriate and cost-effective medication use.

A. Publication and revision of the formulary will be coordinated by the Drug Policy
Program (DPP).
B. The formulary will be published as a searchable online database with a link on the
hospital Intranet which will be maintained by DPP staff.
1. The online formulary will be maintained in a searchable form on the
Internet through a web site held by an external vendor.
2. The site will be maintained continuously through a user application
accessible to DPP staff directly. Changes to the formulary (additions
or deletions) will be reflected in the web-based system within 2
business days of the change receiving final approval by either the
Drug Product Selection and Supply Subcommittee or the P&T
Committee (as appropriate given the nature of the change).
C. Format and Contents
1. The online formulary will provide mechanisms to search the
formulary database by drug name or therapeutic category. Cross-
referencing search capabilities will be included in the structure of the
site (to find drugs from category, or category from drug).
2. The online formulary will include links to clinical practice and
prescribing guidelines approved by P&T. These links will be
maintained by DPP staff.
3. The online formulary will include links to online drug information
resources and to FDA black box warning. These links will be
maintained by DPP staff.

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Director of Pharmacy Services

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