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Controlled Substances

Controlled Substances - Policies, Clinical, UWHC Clinical, Department Specific, Pharmacy

Cactus Smart Sink Operations (7.17)
Controlled Drug Distribution and Management for the UW Athletic Department (7.13)
Controlled Substance Discrepancy Reporting (7.4)
Controlled Substances - Ambulatory Procedure Center (7.12)
Controlled Substances Recordkeeping (7.5)
Disposal of Controlled Substances (7.9)
Documentation of Controlled Substance Use in UWHC Clinics (7.6)
Evaluation of Controlled Substance Prescriptions within UW Health Community Pharmacies (7.18)
Narcotic Control in Sterile Products Area (7.15)
NarcStation Operations (7.1)
Ordering Schedule II Controlled Substances From a Manufacturer or Wholesaler (7.2)
Physician DEA Numbers (7.3)
Power of Attorney for DEA Order Forms (7.8)
Schedule II Controlled Substance Procedures for Community Pharmacies (7.14)
Single Patient Controlled Substances Case Packs for the Operating Room (7.7)