Policies,Clinical,UWHC Clinical,Department Specific,Nursing Patient Care

Unit Operations

Unit Operations - Policies, Clinical, UWHC Clinical, Department Specific, Nursing Patient Care

Assignment of Patient Care on Inpatient Units (Adult and Pediatric) (14.39)
Communication About Patient Death or Imminent Death - Butterfly Sign (14.15)
Constant Observation (Adult and Pediatric) (14.40)
Discharge of the Inpatient (Adult & Pediatric) (14.12)
Escort of Pediatric Inpatients to Tests and Procedures (Pediatric) (14.32P)
Infection Control Practices in the Burn Center (14.14)
Inpatient Psychiatry Seclusion Suite (14.34-A)
Intentional Rounding (Adults and Pediatric) (14.35)
NICU Visitation and Infection Control (Pediatric) (14.36P)
Nurse Call System (Adult & Pediatric) (14.41 AP)
Nurse-to-Nurse Change of Shift Hand-Off – Inpatient (Adult & Pediatric) (14.33AP)
Preparing a Continuity of Care Referral for an Inpatient Discharge (Adult & Pediatric) (14.19AP)
Transfer of the Patient (Adult & Pediatric) (14.17AP)