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Misc - Policies, Clinical, UWHC Clinical, Department Specific, Nursing Patient Care

Admission to Inpatient Psychiatry from Jail (8.34)
Car Seat Angle Tolerance Screening (Pediatric) (8.38-P)
Cleaning of the Burn Hydrotherapy Room (8.11)
Gait Belt and Patient Mobilization Procedures (8.25)
Human Milk Collection and Storage (Adult & Pediatric) (8.28P)
Hypo/Hyperthermia Thermal Blankets for Adult and Pediatric Patients (Excluding Neonates)(Adult and Pediatric) (8.12AP)
Patient Warming System With Forced Air Overbody and Underbody Blankets (such as Bair Hugger Patient Warming System) (8.19)
Peripheral Nerve Stimulation (Adult & Pediatric) (8.36-AP)
Postmortem Care (Adult and Pediatric) (8.14)
Privileges for Inpatient Psychiatry (Adult) (8.32A)
Repair or Replacement of Essential Equipment in Case of Breakdown (Adult & Pediatric) (8.39AP)
Safety Considerations for the Admission Procedure on Inpatient Psychiatry (8.31A)
Therapeutic Support Surfaces and Frames (Specialty Beds)(Adult & Pediatric) (8.17AP)
Use of Intravenous and Rapid Infusor Fluid Warmers (Adult & Pediatric) (8.26-AP)
Visitor Policy for Inpatient Psychiatry (8.33)
Warming Cabinets/Devices for Warming Fluids and Linen (Adult and Pediatric) (8.35)