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Medications and Pharmacy

Medications and Pharmacy - Policies, Clinical, UW Health Clinical

Chemotherapy Processes: Informed Consent, Ordering, Verification, Administration, Documentation, and Patient/Family Education (6.1.1)
Intravenous Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA) for Adult and Pediatric Patients (6.1.2)
Intrathecal Chemotherapy Ordering, Administering (6.1.3)
Control of Samples: Medications, Personal Medical Devices, Drug Vouchers and Starter Supplies (6.1.6)
UW Health Formulary Restricted Clinic Administered Medication Pharmacy Department Review and Use of Non-UW Health Supplied Medications Administered in Clinics (6.1.5)
Management of STAT Medications for Inpatient Units (6.1.7)
Administration of Intravenous Medications (6.1.8)
Restricted Primarily Ambulatory Administered Medications in Hospitalized Patients (6.1.9)
Medication Reconciliation (6.1.10)
UW Health Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee Organizational Policy (6.1.4)
Preventing Non-therapeutic Exposure to Hazardous Drugs ( 6.1.11)
Controlled Substance Control Systems in Patient Care Areas (6.1.13)
Use of a Patient’s Own Medication Delivery Device (6.1.12)
Approval of Core and Patient-Specific Chemotherapy Regimens for the Treatment of Adult Malignancy (6.1.14)
Epidural and Intrathecal (Neuraxial) Analgesia (6.1.15)
Antimicrobial Stewardship Program (6.1.16)
Infectious Diseases Section Approval of Restricted Antimicrobial Agents (6.1.17)