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Scrub Attire (2.3.12)

Scrub Attire (2.3.12) - Policies, Clinical, UW Health Clinical, General Care and Procedures, Procedures


Policy Title: Scrub Attire
Policy Number: 2.3.12
Category: UW Health
Type: Ambulatory and Inpatient
Effective Date: September 29, 2016


To establish standards for the use and security of scrub attire owned by Madison United Healthcare Linen
(MUHL) and to ensure a high quality and standardized laundering process for apparel worn by individuals
working in restricted areas.


UW Health provides MUHL scrub attire to be worn in designated areas by authorized personnel. MUHL
scrubs are provided only to staff that work in an environment where a high degree of asepsis is
required. There are two exceptions to the criteria regarding a high degree of asepsis (1) Due to the practical
nature of the issue, MUHL scrubs are provided to House Staff who work extended overnight shifts (i.e., night
call in the hospital) and are expected to be at the bedside quickly. (2) MUHL scrubs are also provided to
staff working in the Emergency Department due to the highly variable nature of the patient population.

Scrub attire is not fluid resistant and is not sufficient protection from blood and body fluids. Therefore,
personal protective equipment (PPE) is provided for those situations where one can reasonably anticipate
exposure to blood and body fluids.

Individually owned scrubs (purchased by the employee) may be worn in areas not restricted to MUHL scrubs
if authorized by their department director.


A. Authorized Staff:
i. Select staff and faculty are authorized to wear MUHL scrub attire in all UW Health locations:
a. Inpatient Surgical Services
b. Outpatient Surgical Services
c. Burn Unit
d. Cardiac Catheterization Lab
e. Electrophysiology (EP) Lab
f. Radiology – Interventional, Ultrasound and OR support only
g. In vitro fertilization (IVF)
h. Electroencephalography (EEG)
i. Women’s Endocrine Clinic – egg retrieval and embryo transfer only
j. GI Procedures – only when performed in a restricted area
k. Pain Procedures – only when performed in a restricted area
l. Radiotherapy Special Procedures in the OR
m. Organ Procurement
n. House Staff and GME Trainees
o. Central Services – Reprocessing and OR support only
p. Pharmacy – Sterile Product Areas and OR support only
q. Environmental Services – OR and Cardiovascular Lab support only
r. Emergency Department
ii. Fresh MUHL scrubs must be obtained from the work setting and donned before entering any area
where MUHL scrubs are required. Also, staff should not wear personal (non-MUHL) scrubs into
areas restricted to MUHL scrubs.
iii. Disposable scrub attire is available from Central Services (CS) for those individuals that must enter
a "Scrub Attire Only" area on an ad hoc basis (i.e., Plant Engineering, Respiratory Care, Vendor
Representatives, etc.). Disposable scrubs may be ordered from CS via the CS online catalog
available on U-Connect.
iv. Disposable scrub attire may be ordered from CS for patients without clothing who are leaving the
v. MUHL scrub attire may be obtained from CS when employees not authorized to wear scrub attire

Policy Title: Scrub Attire
Policy Number: 2.3.12

need to change their clothing due to an accident. The MUHL scrub attire must be returned the next
work day to a CS supervisor or lead worker. A CS supervisor or lead worker is available 24/7 at
263-7071. In this situation, the employee may contact Environmental Services to have their soiled
personal clothing laundered.
B. Scrub Dispensing:
i. Scrub apparel dispensing equipment is used to provide scrub attire to authorized users. After the
initial issue of scrub apparel, subsequent scrub garments will be provided based on the return of
soiled scrub attire. Staff is required to use their UW Health identification card to access scrub
apparel dispensing equipment.
ii. Access to scrub apparel dispensing equipment may be requested by authorized staff online on the
CS page of U-Connect.
C. Loss of Scrub Attire:
i. The department of the individual not returning scrubs will be charged for scrub attire not
returned. The department is then responsible for obtaining reimbursement from the individual
ii. Clinical chairs and department directors are responsible for clearing the scrub attire accounts of
their staff upon the end of employment. MUHL scrubs not returned are charged to the employee's
department or university account.


Author: Director, Materials Management
Senior Management Sponsor: VP, Facilities & Support Services
Approval committees: Infection Control Committee; UW Health Clinical Policy Committee
UW Health Clinical Policy Committee Approval: September 19, 2016

UW Health is a cohesive, united and integrated academic medical enterprise comprised of several entities.
This policy applies to facilities and programs operated by the University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics
and the University of Wisconsin Medical Foundation, Inc., and to clinical facilities and programs
administered by the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. Each entity is
responsible for enforcement of this policy in relation to the facilities and programs that it operates.


Peter Newcomer, MD
UW Health Chief Medical Officer

J. Scott McMurray, MD
Chair, UW Health Clinical Policy Committee

Version: Revision
Next Revision Due: September 2019
Formerly Known as: Hospital Administrative policy #9.29