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Patient Reservations (2.1.36)

Patient Reservations (2.1.36) - Policies, Clinical, UW Health Clinical, General Care and Procedures, Admission, Discharge, Transfer


Policy Title: Patient Reservations
Policy Number: 2.1.36
Category: UW Health
Type: Ambulatory
Effective Date: October 23, 2017


To establish procedures for patient admission reservations to a UW Health hospital from outpatient clinics,
clinical departments, nursing units, and community referrals.


A computer generated or verbal reservation request, authorized by a staff physician, is a prerequisite for
inpatient admissions, observation, or outpatient short stays. Reservation requests will be prioritized on the
basis of the patient's admission status.

A. A reservation request must be authorized by a UW Health staff physician. The Admissions Department will
refer reservation requests from outside sources to the Access Center.
B. The reservation initiator will be responsible for informing the patient of the reservation (reason for admission,
date and time for arrival).
i. Reservation requests for the current day should be phoned to the Access Center (263-6796) to
allow for immediate follow-up and integration into the Health Link Admission, Discharge, Transfer
(ADT) system.
ii. Reservation requests that are not for same day admission should be entered into Health
Link. Verbal reservations for scheduled admissions should be the exception. The information
entered is sent electronically to the Admissions Department. It is important that all planned
admissions be entered as far in advance as possible.
iii. Pre-Admission Planning information must accompany the reservation. Pre-admission
planning questions have been incorporated into the electronic reservation. This information is used
in obtaining authorization from insurance companies for treatment or admission of patients (for
details refer to Hospital Administrative Policy #2.21, Insurance or Managed Care Pre-Authorization
and Notifications).
C. The admitting physician will be responsible for indicating or updating the patient class (inpatient, observation
or outpatient short stay) utilizing the following admission categories:
i. Elective - health will not be endangered by a delay in hospitalization. Admission will be initiated as
promptly as scheduling permits.
ii. Urgent - undue or prolonged delay in securing admission might be injurious to the patient's health
or well-being.
iii. Emergent - there is an immediate threat to life or limb if inpatient care is not initiated.
iv. This information must be included on the reservation request. It affects the processing of the
reservation and reimbursement.
v. Prior Authorization or Case Management nurses review the appropriateness of patient class
assignment for scheduled Medicare patients and may recommend changing the patient class.
Physicians are notified of any proposed changes so that a new order may be initiated.
vi. Case Management reviews with the attending physician any patient class updates within 24 hours
of admission.
D. The reservation initiator should utilize the Procedure section of the reservation to communicate special
procedures and routing required as a part of the admission process.
E. The reservation will be sent electronically via Health Link to Patient Placement and to the appropriate
nursing unit for patient care and room assignment planning.
F. Complete reservation requests facilitate preadmission planning. This ensures accurate data collection,
financial counseling, and completion of referring physician information prior to the patient's arrival (time
G. Typically Physician instructions and orders will dictate arrival times for scheduled patients.
H. Patients to be admitted should be directed to check-in through Admissions unless their medical condition
precludes it. Admission intake will be completed via a bedside interview for Direct Admits.

Policy Title: Patient Reservations
Policy Number: 2.1.36


Author: Director of Access Services
Senior Management Sponsor: VP/Revenue Cycle
Reviewers: Director, UW Health Home Care and Coordinated Care
Approval committees: UW Health Clinical Policy Committee
UW Health Clinical Policy Committee Approval: October 16, 2017

UW Health is a cohesive, united and integrated academic medical enterprise comprised of several entities.
This policy applies to facilities and programs operated by the University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics
and the University of Wisconsin Medical Foundation, Inc., and to clinical facilities and programs
administered by the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. Each entity is
responsible for enforcement of this policy in relation to the facilities and programs that it operates.


Peter Newcomer, MD
Chief Clinical Officer

J. Scott McMurray, MD
Chair, UW Health Clinical Policy Committee


Hospital Administrative Policy #2.21, Insurance or Managed Care Pre-Authorization and Notifications

Version: Revision
Last Full Review: October 23, 2017
Next Revision Due: October 2020
Formerly Known as: UWHC Policy #7.13