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Legally Driven Care

Legally Driven Care - Policies, Clinical, UW Health Clinical, Administrative

Emergency Detention – State Mental Health Act (1.2.1)
Involuntary Commitment – State Mental Health Act (1.2.2)
Opiate Management for Chronic Non-Cancer Pain (1.2.3)
No Further Service (1.2.6)
Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect (1.2.4)
Suspected Elder Adult and Adult-at-Risk Abuse and Neglect (1.2.5)
Suspected Domestic Violence and Abuse (1.2.7)
UW Health Patient Care Delegation Protocols (1.2.8)
Care of Patients Under Legal Custody (1.2.9)
Notification of Hospital Discharge Appeal Rights (1.2.10)
Reporting Patients Who May Be Unsafe Drivers (1.2.11)
Guardianship (1.2.12)
Organ and Tissue Donation (1.2.14)
Do Not Resuscitate (DNR)/No CPR Order (1.2.13)
Evaluation and Treatment of Patients Reporting Sexual Assault (1.2.17)
Advance Directives (1.2.15)
Medicaid Requirements for Surgical Procedures for Hysterectomies, Sterilizations and Abortions (1.2.18)
Consent for HIV Testing and Release of HIV Test Results (1.2.19)
Determination of Brain Death (1.2.16)