Vehicle Maintenance Policy (127.001)

Vehicle Maintenance Policy (127.001) - Policies, Administrative, UWMF, UWMF-wide, Safety, Vehicle


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Subject: Vehicle Maintenance Policy
Effective Date: 3/1/01 Approved: Mike Holman, Safety Mgr
Supersedes Policy Date: Revision #
Distribution: Facilities Department


The purpose of this policy is as follows:
1. To prevent accidents and injuries;
2. To minimize the number of vehicles down for repair;
3. To save money by preventing excessive wear and breakdown of vehicles
and unscheduled downtime.

Imperative Maintenance may mean any of the below conditions:
1. Tread wear indicators are observed around the tire (tread less than 1/16
an inch);
2. Engine coolant gage pointer moves into the red area (260 F or more);
3. Oil pressure gage is low;
4. Brake wear indicators are observed (i.e. high-pitched warning sound,
pulsating pedal, pedal falls to floor);
5. Brake, head/tail lights/turn signals fail;
6. Wiper blades fail;
7. Mirror or other accessory parts that enhance vision (i.e. windshield) are
damaged or missing;
8. Any other warning lights, such as “service engine soon” or “low coolant”
appear on the display.
9. Any other conditions that may affect the safety of the driver as determined by
the Building & Grounds Coordinator/Facilities Manager.

It is the intent of the UW Medical Foundation to provide safe and reliable
transportation for all authorized drivers by implementing routine inspections and
preventive maintenance on all vehicles. The scope of this policy applies to the
Facilities Department, which will be responsible for implementing all aspects of
this policy with the help of staff.


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maintenance policy 3 1 01 final.doc

I. Vehicle Safety Inspections
A. All authorized drivers will conduct biweekly vehicle safety inspections
in accordance with Attachment A and submit reports to the Building &
Grounds Coordinator when time cards are submitted.

II. Regular Scheduled Maintenance
A. The Building & Grounds Coordinator is responsible for scheduling
annual safety inspections and routine vehicle maintenance in
accordance with Attachment B.
B. The Building & Grounds Coordinator will maintain vehicle maintenance
records and inspection reports for all vehicles.

III. Non-Scheduled Maintenance
A. If maintenance IS NOT imperative, submit a completed Vehicle Safety
Inspection Report to the Building & Grounds Coordinator.
B. If maintenance IS imperative, follow the below steps:
1. Tagged the vehicle Out-Of-Service and contact the Building &
Grounds Coordinator or Facilities Manager.
2. If the Building & Grounds Coordinator/Facilities Manager are
unavailable, the driver is authorized to get the vehicle repaired.
3. If the driver is stranded and it is imperative that he/she must get
to a destination, all attempts will be made to have another
vehicle brought to the site. Note: If a driver chooses to use his
own vehicle, the driver will be reimbursed for mileage in
accordance with the UW Medical Foundation’s reimbursement