Security Management Plan (124.002)

Security Management Plan (124.002) - Policies, Administrative, UWMF, UWMF-wide, Safety, Security


UW Medical Foundation

Subject: Security Management Plan
Effective Date: 11/18/13 Approved: Dr. Richard Welnick, Medical Dir
Supersedes Policy Date: Revision #
Distribution: Uconnect


To establish a process to ensure a safe and secure building for all UW Health


A. Door security must be managed in such a way that staff can greet arriving patients
and visitors. All other exterior doors should remain secured to prevent unauthorized
access. Staff and providers must not prop doors open; unless the doorway can be
supervised from a safe distance.

B. Some locations may have onsite guard support and/ or panic buttons for immediate
police notification. Managers having either or both are responsible for ensuring all
staff/ providers are familiar with how to reach the guard and/ or use panic buttons for
security threat events.

C. ID Badges must be worn at all times and in plain view per the UW Health Dress
Code Policy. Any patients or visitors who are wandering into staff or other restricted
areas (without assistance from another employee) should be approached and
redirected as needed. If an ID badge is missing, the affected employee must
immediately notify the site manager.

D. The clinic work flow shall be such that arriving patients or visitors are escorted or
directed to the appropriate patient care area. Similarly, work flows must manage
departing patients/ visitors in same way as to prevent unauthorized access into staff
or other restricted areas.

E. Should the need arise to immediately lock down the facility, the clinic manager or
designee will secure main entryway doors to prevent access. Police or security
guard service may be called for immediate support and assistance. The clinic
manager or designee will inform all occupants of the lock down event via overhead
paging and email event details as necessary. Staff will assist in communicating the
lock down event to patients and visitors and help with monitoring door security;
allowing access only when safe and necessary.

F. Staff are encouraged to immediately report any event to their manager that may
affect the safety and security of staff and the building property. These events
include, but are not limited to:

a. Direct threats
b. Indirect threats
c. Third party threats (i.e. witnessing a threat to another person)
d. Theft events
e. Vandalism or other building damage
f. Local crime and suspicious activity
g. Inadequate lighting
h. Failed door security (i.e. door fails to lock, shut or latch)

Security threats that can potentially affect the safety of occupants will be
immediately reported to the site manager. The site manager will work with the
Safety & Security Manager and leadership to identify a safety and
communication plan for all affected occupants.

A. UW Health buildings will be secured and security systems armed during all un-
occupied hours.

B. Employees, providers and vendors who need after hour access into the building
must make their request through the site manager and/ or designee.

C. If building or key cards are issued, the site manager is responsible for tracking so
that same keys/ cards can be returned as needed. If building keys are lost or not
returned, the site manager will work with Facilities to determine if lock replacement is

D. Problems with the security system can be reported to the Safety & Security Manager
for troubleshooting and resolution.