Policies,Administrative,UWMF,UWMF-wide,Safety,Security - Workplace Violence

Workplace Violence Program (125.013)

Workplace Violence Program (125.013) - Policies, Administrative, UWMF, UWMF-wide, Safety, Security - Workplace Violence


UW Medical Foundation
Workplace Violence Program

The purpose of this program is to establish a set of policies and procedures that
help to minimize workplace violence.

The UW Medical Foundation has a zero tolerance for workplace violence and is
committed to establishing a safe workplace for all of its employees, patients and
visitors. This commitment will be fulfilled through the implementation of the
below program components and oversight of the Safety Committee.

Disorderly Conduct means engaging abusive, indecent, profane, boisterous or
unreasonably loud conduct under circumstances in which the conduct tends to
cause or provoke a disturbance.

Disruptive Person means someone who is demonstrating some restraint, but is
creating a disturbance with their tone of voice or body language.

Imminent Threat means the perception that there is a strong likelihood a person
will cause bodily injury or property damage as determined by threats, abusive
language or other conduct.

Third Party Threat means a threat made in the presence of an employee which
is directed toward another person who is not present.

Workplace Violence means any intentional act, threat or any other conduct
which harms, or reasonably arouses fear, hostility, intimidation to its intended
target or witnesses thereof. It also includes any act of vandalism to the
properties of the UW Medical Foundation.

PROGRAM COMPONENTS: (See attached policies, procedures and
 Responding to angry patients
 Site security assessment
 Prohibited conduct
 Crisis debriefing

Safety Committee will evaluate risk as it relates to workplace violence and
provide recommendations as necessary.

Employee Health/ Infection Control & Safety Manager will:
 Investigate and provide recommendations for each reported incident of
workplace violence.
 Track individual reports as they relate to workplace violence
 Evaluate site security needs (Appendix A) and develop proposals for
review by Administration to improve security where necessary

Patient Resources will provide training to diffuse patient disturbances and
aggressive behavior. Those receiving training to diffuse aggressive behavior will
be trained on non-crisis intervention tactics and will receiving training at
appropriate intervals. Furthermore, this department will act as a resource and
provide recommendations for sites that have reported a patient threat or
aggressive act.

Human Resources will also be a reference point for any employee or group of
employees who need crisis debriefing, counseling, legal advice or other services
available through the Employee Assistance Program.

Site Managers will facilitate reporting and assist with responding to patient
aggression. These individuals will also coordinate employee training available
through Patient Relations as necessary.

Employees will promptly report threats, aggressive behavior or other acts of
violence to their supervisors as defined in this program.