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Security Guard Expectations Policy - West Towne (125.012)

Security Guard Expectations Policy - West Towne (125.012) - Policies, Administrative, UWMF, UWMF-wide, Safety, Security - Workplace Violence


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Subject: Security Guard Expectations Policy – West Towne
Effective Date: 1/28/16 Approved: Michael E. Holman
Supersedes Policy Date: 9/16/15 Revision #11
Distribution: Uconnect

Reviewed 1.27.11 8/11/15

During each shift, the security guard will be expected to perform duties as
outlined in the below procedures. There may be occasions where the guard is
requested to provide a service not listed below; however, this person has the
right to discuss this with his/ her area manager before committing to request. If
an urgent issue arises regarding security guard service, contact any of the
following numbers:

Security Guard: 608-577-3607
Area Manager: 608-520-3335
Madison Office: 608-222-0700
Patrol Manager: 920-296-1798
Regional Director of Operations: 608-577-1766
Corporate Communications: 1-800-403-1155

I. Beginning the Shift
A. At the start of each shift, the guard will be expected to arrive in full military
dress with security firm identification.

B. The guard must check-in at the Urgent Care reception desk for any special
instructions and retrieve the key card for building access and cell phone.

II. During the Shift
A. The guard will be alert and stationed in the front lobby area near Pharmacy
and Urgent Care. This person must be visible to the Urgent Care Staff.
Approximately each half hour, the guard will patrol the outside clinic property
to ensure the security of arriving patients, visitors and employees. If any
suspicious activity is noted, the clinic manager or designee will be
immediately notified. If an imminent threat situation exists, the guard will call
911 for police response and notify clinic manager.

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B. At 5pm, the guard will be outside at employee entry to ensure the safety of
staff leaving the clinic. At 6:30pm, the guard will secure access to the lower
level by closing the partition near the elevator lobby.

C. To protect patient confidentiality, the guard will not be stationed near the front
desk or inquire about a patient's medical condition, unless asked by another
staff person.

D. Upon request, the guard will provide an escort service for employees who are
concerned about safety when leaving the clinic and walking to their vehicle.
Also, if a patient needs ambulatory assistance into the clinic or out, the guard
will notify the receptionist.

E. During the shift, the guard will periodically patrol the outside of the facility to
check for suspicious activity and ensure all exterior doors (with exception of
main entrance) are secured. A final patrol of the outside facility and employee
parking areas will be done just before closing time.

F. Should a patient become disruptive, the guard will assist with diffusing the
situation. If it is an imminent threat situation, the guard will call 911 for police
response. If it is not an imminent threat, the guard will assist with removing
patient from the clinic (if advised by staff) and/ or calling 911 if patient resists.
If the guard witnesses a disruptive situation and staff is not present, the guard
will intervene in similar fashion. All disruptive events will be documented on
the Incident Report.

G. If any other safety hazards are observed, such as wet floors, icy walkways,
trip hazards, the guard will notify staff promptly and assist with resolving
hazard as appropriate. For example, guard can apply ice melt and clear main
entryway of snow if accumulation is less than one (1) inch. If a potential
security threat is observed, the guard will immediately notify Medical Imaging
staff and their Area Manager.

H. Just before closing time, the guard will check with staff and clarify any
anticipated late patient arrivals. Thereafter, guard will be stationed just inside
the main entrance until the last patient has left the clinic.

I. For any unexpected patients arriving after closing time, the guard will explain
that the building is closed and ask if the person would like 911 assistance or
directions to the nearest hospital. (If 911 is called or patient appears to
need immediate medical attention, the guard will notify the staff inside
the clinic immediately for patient assessment.)

NOTE: If a visitor arrives after closing time and requests to be with a patient,
the guard will check with staff (who will confirm with appropriate patient)
before granting visitor access into the clinic).

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J. After the last patient has left, the guard will be stationed by the employee exit
to ensure employees arrive to their vehicles safely. However, if an employee
requests an escort to their vehicle at any time, the guard will accommodate.

III. Ending the Shift
A. Before leaving, the guard will check the entire building (including restrooms)
to ensure that all patients, providers and visitors have left (see Attachment A
blue & red routes). Cleaning crew would be an exception.

B. The guard will check all exterior doors and accessible windows to ensure they
are closed and secured.

C. The guard will finish their Activity Daily Report and leave a copy for the clinic
manager. In addition to what is routinely documented by the guard, this report
will include:

1. Time last patient left clinic
2. Time last staff person left clinic, or
3. Number of staff (including cleaning personnel) within clinic at time
guard left clinic
4. Any interactions with patients, visitors or staff that are of a security
5. Times when guard patrolled clinic space/ property
6. Any building maintenance concerns that may need attention (i.e. faulty
exterior light pole lamp).

NOTE: if there is an addendum to the Daily Activity Report, it will be emailed
to the clinic manager or designee next business day.

D. Before leaving, the guard will return the key card and cell phone to a
designated location and inform staff of his/her departure. If staff request the
guard to stay longer, the guard may discuss this with his/ her area manager
before committing to request. When possible, staff will give guard advance
notice of the need to stay past scheduled shift.

E. If the guard observes any security or building maintenance concerns that may
need urgent attention, staff should immediately be notified. If staff is not
present, the guard should page the on-call Facilities Technician at 376-7006
to urgent response.

IV. How to contact the guard while on duty.
A. If the security guard is needed for an emergency, but is not immediately
nearby, call the guard’s cell number at 608-577-3607.