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Prohibited Conduct Policy and Procedures (125.008)

Prohibited Conduct Policy and Procedures (125.008) - Policies, Administrative, UWMF, UWMF-wide, Safety, Security - Workplace Violence



Subject: Prohibited Conduct Policy & Procedures
Effective Date: 11/1/2011 Approved: Steve Sibley, VP Operations
Supersedes Policy Date: 3/1/02 Revision #3
Distribution: Uconnect


The purpose of this policy is to define a code of conduct that is not acceptable at any of
the UW Medical Foundation (UWMF) facilities.

As similarly noted in the Human Resources “Employee Performance Expectations
Policy,” the below conduct is prohibited by employees, patients or visitors at any UWMF

1. Any act or threat of violence that includes, but is not limited to:

a) Bodily harm, assault or battery, actual or attempted
b) Sexual assault or battery, actual or attempted
c) Aggressive, intimidating or threatening behavior or any other behavior
that is intended to or reasonably induces fear, or causes harm to
another person
d) Harassment, including but not limited to sexual harassment
e) Use of vile, intemperate or abusive language or acting in a
disrespectful manner
f) Robbery, actual or attempted
g) Stalking
h) Vandalism
i) Arson
j) Threats

2. No person, except on-duty law enforcement personnel, may bring handguns,
electroshock weapons, knives (other than pocket knives), Billy clubs or
weapons of any other kind (whether assembled or unassembled) into any
UWMF facility.

3. Effective 11/01/2011, Wisconsin’s concealed carry law permits employees,
patients or others to carry licensed firearms or other weapons in their
personal vehicles while parking at UWMF facilities; however, weapons are not
permitted in UWMF-owned vehicles.


If you witness or are a victim of workplace violence, follow the below steps:

1. Immediately remove yourself from the on-going violence or threat.

2. If the situation is imminent, call 911 for police assistance.

3. Notify your manager.

4. Identify those involved and assess the need for crisis debriefing.

5. Complete a Patient Safety Net report (including each occasion of non-
compliance with the prohibited weapons provision – see #7 below).

6. The site manager will manage the incident, and if necessary, work with
Administration to find resolution.

7. Persons who fail to comply with the prohibited weapons provisions must be
advised to return their firearms or weapons to their vehicles. If this is not an
option (i.e. persons arrived by bus or taxi), the persons will need to leave the
premises. If any person refuses to comply, call 911 for police assistance.

EXCEPTION: if a patient arrives with a weapon and has critical care needs,
staff will provide care within the scope of their employment and call 911 for
EMS transport as necessary.

To prevent accidental discharge of a firearm or other unintended injury,
staff will not attempt to remove, handle or otherwise manipulate
weapons in any manner.