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Pesticide Use Policy (118.009)

Pesticide Use Policy (118.009) - Policies, Administrative, UWMF, UWMF-wide, Safety, Hazardous Material & Waste - Materials (HAZMAT)


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Subject: Pesticide Use Policy
Effective Date: 1/1/2005 Approved: Steve Sibley, VP Clinic Ops
Supersedes Policy Date: 10/00 Revision #2
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The purpose of this policy is as follows:
1. To standardize the way in which pesticides are used and applied at all
UWMF sites.
2. To protect all occupants from harmful exposures to pesticides.
3. To protect the environment and comply with all relevant EPA standards.

Pesticides mean insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, disinfectants, rodenticides and
other animal repellants.
Safe Substances Workgroup is a subgroup to the Safety Committee that works to
study the effects of hazardous or potentially hazardous substances on employees,
processes and the environment. This same group provides recommendations to the
Safety Committee on how to safely manage such substances.

The application of toxic herbicides is prohibited on lawns owned by the UW Medical
Foundation. Additionally, the application of other pesticides is restricted for
situations that warrant its immediate use.

To ensure compliance with the above policy statement and the safe management of
pesticide use, the following will be done:

1. All pesticides used under the terms of this policy will be reviewed by the
Safe Substances Workgroup.
2. As agreed by contractors, alternative pest control methods will be
considered before applying pesticides to control activity;
3. The chosen treatment will be the least toxic material for any given
4. The chosen treatment must be the least hazardous to human health;

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5. The chosen treatment will be the most likely to produce long-term
reductions in pest control requirements. The effective implementation
must consider operational feasibility and cost effectiveness.
6. Pesticide applications will be tracked periodically by the Safe Substances
Workgroup to ensure adherence to policy.
7. All pesticides used inside UWMF facilities must be applied during non-patient
8. Pesticides will not be stored for any amount of time inside any of the UWMF
sites; rather, they must be covered and secured from children and the
general public.
9. No pesticide application equipment may be cleaned, filled or mixed from
inside any UWMF site.
10. Pesticides must not be disposed at any UWMF site.

1. Facilities and/or the service contractor will maintain communication with
the Safe Substance Workgroup to ensure timely action is made to remedy
problem situations.
2. The service contractor will provide updated material safety data sheets for
any pesticides used.
3. Lastly, sites will continue to communicate to Facilities any pest control
problems. Facilities will be the contact for initiating pest control service at
sites owned by the UW Medical Foundation. All sites will retain service
records for a period of at least 5 years.