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Madison Surgery Center (MSC) Fire Alarm Testing Policy (117.004)

Madison Surgery Center (MSC) Fire Alarm Testing Policy (117.004) - Policies, Administrative, UWMF, UWMF-wide, Safety, Fire Emergency Action Plans by Location


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TITLE: Madison Surgery Center (MSC) Fire Alarm Testing Policy
DATE ISSUED: 11/5/14
Mike Holman, Safety Manager
Deb Plendl, MSC Director

The Madison Surgery Center will ensure that all appropriate fire detection
devices at 1 S. Park are properly tested in accordance with the most current
National Fire Protection Association’s Life Safety Codes. This may include, but is
not limited to, testing all detection, alarming devices and overhead paging
annually, load testing of all back-up batteries semi-annually, and testing of fire
alarm, trouble and supervisory signals quarterly.

The UW Medical Foundation Safety & Security Manager will coordinate testing
with an approved vendor and Facilities and offer test reports to MSC for record
retention. Facilities will assist with fire alarm tests as described in the below set
of procedures.

A. Confirm a test date with vendor that ensures a Facilities Technician’s onsite
presence and participation;

B. Just before the test, inspect building for any increased fire risks and confirm
with vendor how long the alarm test will take;

C. Follow all appropriate steps in the Fire Impairment Policy as necessary.

D. Ensure the alarm monitoring account is “on test”;

E. Coordinate the verification of the functionality of all fire horn and strobe
devices as well as overhead paging system with vendor. NOTE: a sound
pressure meter will be used to confirm overhead paging messages are
distinguishable and understandable per NFPA 72 table 7-2.2.

F. When fire alarm testing is completed, work with vendor to obtain a copy of all
reported signals to alarm monitoring; including when system was restored
and clarify any deficiencies with the test.

G. Call non-emergency fire dispatch and explain the fire alarm system has been

All test records from the vendor and alarm monitoring company must be retained
at the site for a period of at least 2 years.