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Multiple Accounts (aka Account Merges) (113.018)

Multiple Accounts (aka Account Merges) (113.018) - Policies, Administrative, UWMF, UWMF-wide, Patient Business Services


PBS 16: Muliple Accounts


University of Wisconsin Medical Foundation
Patient Business Services Policies & Procedures
(aka Account Merges)

__ __ New __X__ Revised

If Revised, Supersedes Policy Dated: 10-104

Effective Date: 2-1-05

Policy Number: PBS – 16
Approved By (Name): Connie Kinsella, Vice President, Patient Business Services

To define the process for addressing multiple accounts.

Because UWMF uses family billing, a multiple account exists whenever a family member has
his/her own account, rather than having an account which is consolidated into an account with
other family members. For example, a husband and wife may each have individual accounts
instead of a joint family account.

1. Patients should be given the choice as to whether they want an individual or family

2. Adding a patient with an individual account to a family account should only be done
upon request of the patient or guarantor. Never assume family members should be
combined on the same family account. Some patients prefer to maintain separate,
individual accounts.

3. Account merges will not be performed (except in very limited situations and, in those
situations, the merge may only be performed by Technical Services staff in PBS). This is
due to the fact that account merges cannot be undone and can lead to other system events
such as retroadjudication. Rather, if a patient requests that his/her account be combined
with other family members, the patient will be added to the family account and his/her
individual account will be made inactive. It will not be merged into the family account.
a. Accounts with financial activity. In these situations, one account will be
inactivated; the patient on the inactivated account will be added to the remaining
account (if s/he is not already on that account). The patient with the account
being inactivated should be informed that s/he will receive two statements until
the activity on the inactivated account is resolved.
b. Accounts will no financial activity. In these cases, the account with no activity
will be soft deleted from the system and the patient(s) on that account added to

PBS 16: Muliple Accounts

the other account. If neither account has activity, the soft delete may be made to
either account.

1. If a patient requests that his/her account be added to a family account, send an e-mail to
registration staff at: registration@uwmf.wisc.edu detailing the request. As noted
above, do not assume that family members should be merged into a single account.
Some patients / families prefer individual accounts.

2. Inform the patient that s/he will continue to receive statements on his/her individual
account until all balances on that account have been paid. However, all new services will
be billed to the family account.

Adding Individual Account Request Notice