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Vacation and Holiday Time Off Scheduling in Medical Imaging (112.011)

Vacation and Holiday Time Off Scheduling in Medical Imaging (112.011) - Policies, Administrative, UWMF, UWMF-wide, Medical Imaging



Vacation and Holiday Time Off Scheduling in

Effective Date: August 1, 2013 Approval: See Authorization
Supersedes Protocol: None Contact: Medical Imaging


PURPOSE: To establish guidelines for requesting time off in Medical Imaging at
UWMF Clinics.

Employees are the key to effective team management and need to be sensitive and
responsible to their fellow co-workers. Requesting time off needs to work for both the
employee and for UWMF Medical Imaging. The purpose of this policy is to establish
guidelines for requesting vacations, time off around a holiday, and VTO. All employees
are responsible for reading and understanding this policy.

1. All requests for time off will be made through the Kronos system.
2. Requests will be approved if there is adequate coverage.
3. With the exception of protected leaves (e.g., FMLA) and VTO, PTO must be used
for time off requests.
4. Employees must have adequate PTO to cover time off. Employees may not be
“absent without pay”.
5. An employee must have PTO available to cover non-protected leaves and may
face disciplinary action if she/he has an unanticipated absence with a zero PTO
6. If an employee would like to request a day off that has already been filled, they
must complete a PTO time off request in Kronos. The request will be
acknowledged as an alternative for the day or week if additional time off can be
7. Requests of 5 days or greater should be submitted one month in advance.
Requests of less than five days should be submitted at least two weeks in advance.

8. Hourly employees may request use of PTO in increments of 15 minutes. Exempt
employees may request use of PTO in increments of half their normal shift.

9. Staff members who pick up an extra shift, at a manager’s or supervisor’s request,
and have pre-approved PTO during that same week (Sun-Sat), can choose to
either reduce the amount of their scheduled PTO to fall within their normal FTE
for the week or can keep up to 8 hrs of scheduled PTO on their timecard.
10. Staff are allowed to trade days off and shifts as needed as long as neither
employee’s FTE is exceeded. These requests must be pre-approved by a
supervisor or manager.
11. Patient schedules will not be blocked to accommodate time off requests.

Vacation Coverage Guidelines: Bone Mineral Density, CT, Diagnostic
Radiography, Film Library, Madison Surgery Center, Mammography, MRI,
Orthopedics, Reception/Scheduling, Stereotactic, Ultrasound:

Computed Tomography, General X-ray, Floats, and Bone Density:
1. Time off requests will be approved if coverage is available by either
assigning a float technologist/tech assistant or by reassigning staff.
a. Time off requests will be approved as long as the following
minimum staffing levels are maintained:
 Bone Mineral Density – 1 technologist
 CT – 3 technologists and 1 tech assistant
 Diagnostic Radiography
o South Park Campus including Madison Surgery Center
– 6 technologists
o Madison Surgery Center
Due to the nature of working between two departments with varying policies job details are listed below.
1. Voluntary time off will be considered prior to the day if additional coverage is available. (In
times where no surgeries are scheduled) Otherwise VTO will be considered day of, refer to
Radiology vacation holiday time off policy.
2. Snow days will be considered on a per event basis.
3. Holidays will follow Madison Surgery Centers policy for merging the Christmas eve half day
and the New Year’s eve half day off. “

o West Towne, Northeast, and Odana – 2 technologists
o Cottage Grove, Cross Plains, Deforest-Windsor, East
Towne, Fitchburg, Ft. Atkinson, Yahara, Mt. Horeb,

Oregon, Portage, Stoughton, Sun Prairie, Belleville,
Verona, Wingra – 1 technologist each

Film Library:
 Film Library – 6 employees (4 at 1 S. Park and 2 at AOB)

 One South Park – 3 technologists and 1 tech assistant
 Deforest-Windsor, East Towne, Odana Atrium, Yahara – 1
technologist each
 Stereotactic – 1 technologist only

 One South Park day shift– 4 schedulers/receptionist
 East Towne, Twenty South Park, Orthopedics – 1
technologist each

Three scanners each covered by one technologist and one T.A. Two
Technologists and one TA are allowed off at any given time if coverage is
 One South Park – 6 Technologists, 3 T.A.
 HERI – 2 Technologists

Four scanners each covered by one technologist
 One South Park – 5 Technologists (Tuesday – Friday)
 One South Park – 4 Technologists (Monday)
 One tech may be off for a full week
 One additional time off request may be approved for a day
Tuesday – Friday.
 Medical Imaging Management may block one room to allow
for vacation coverage on Mondays or a day if an additional
time off request was approved. Patient schedules will not be
blocked to accommodate time off requests without the
manager’s approval.
Same Day Requests for Time Off:

1. Same day requests for time off are to be submitted to the appropriate management
member via email (this seems inconsistent with wording above) or Kronos.
2. Same day requests will be approved based on operational needs and staffing
3. Staff members who have been denied a day off due to staffing needs will have
priority for same day requests.

Time Off Requests for Days Around a Holiday:
1. Holiday requests are defined as time off requested for the workday directly before
or after a holiday (as observed by UWMF). Requests for a whole week of time
off surrounding the holiday will be considered as a Holiday requests.
2. Approval for holiday time off requests will be rotated for employees year to
3. PTO must be used for time off requests; employees must have adequate PTO to
cover time off.
Voluntary Time Off:
1. Voluntary Time Off (VTO) may be used when an employee leaves early for the
day due to low work volume and other projects are not available, when offered by
2. FTE of employees will not be exceeded to accommodate time off requests.
3. Patient schedules will not be blocked to accommodate VTO.
4. VTO time may not be scheduled in advance.
5. VTO must be approved (or offered??) by Medical Imaging management.

Brian Sparland RT(R)(MR) AS, Medical Imaging Manager
Kari Pulfer RT(R)(CT) BS, Medical Imaging Manager
Teresa Digman RT(R), Medical Imaging Supervisor
Tami Schuett, Medical Imaging Supervisor

Dr. Samuel Charles, Medical Director, University of Wisconsin Department of Radiology
Community Section
Carol Hassemer, MHA, Director of Medical Imaging
Sarah Vosberg, Employment Services Representative, Human Resources

MF Time Off Policy