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Outside Studies Guideline (112.005)

Outside Studies Guideline (112.005) - Policies, Administrative, UWMF, UWMF-wide, Medical Imaging


TITLE: Outside Studies Guideline
Effective Date: 12. 1. I 0 Approval: See Authorrzation
Contact: See Author
PURPOSE: To state the process of imaging studies presented to the Radiology
Depafiment at the University of Wisconsin for a second interpretation. These guidelines
do NOT apply to studies from outside institutions with which Radiology has a contract to
provide primary interpretations.
Outside studies in need of a second read:
1. Non-emergent studies (i.e. Second opinion: Definition: A study for which a
secondary interpretation is deemed necessary by the clinical service to elucidate a
point of uncertainty, or guide tertiary or quaternary care decisions)
a. All non-emergent studies must be submitted with a relevant clinical
history. Studies will not be interpreted until this history is provided.
b. If possible, all non-emergent studies must be transferred into the PACS
system. It is highly recommended that the outside reporl be scanned into the
PACS system.
c. An official request for the interpretation and an associated requisition form
must be generated through the file libary.
d. If there is more than one examination, the examination for review must be
identified on the request (i.e. date, modality and body part). This will be the only
examination reviewed. If there are multiple studies of the same category
submitted, the most recent study will be interpreted by default with the more
remote studies being utilized for comparison purposes.
e. Format
2. Studies in CD or other digital format
Transfer into the PACS system for official interpretation.
3. Studies on hard copy films
Drgrtrze images into the PACS system. Original hard copy hles must be available to
make an official interpretation. Scanned or copy images are not adequate for this purpose.
4. After images are on PACS, the scheduling desk enters the exam in health-link using a
26 Modifier for a professional charge only.
5. The film library begins and ends exam in health-link and links the accession number to
the patient in PACS.
6. All paper work including history is given to the Radiologist to complete the read.

7. Outside reads of mammograms shall be done using PENRAD and not power scribe.
Our staff can indicate that an outside tech performed the study by selecting "Outside
Technologist" in the technologist field. We can also enter "Outside Referral" in the
location field so that the exam does not get registered in the location where it is being
AUTHOR: Kari Pulfer RT( R ) CT BS, Medical Imaging Manager
REVIEWED BY: Carol Hassemer Clinic Operations Director
Brian Sparland RT(RXCT) AS, Medical Imaging Manager
Kattie Jungers RT(RXM) BS, Medical Imaging Manager
AUTHORIZATION: Samuel Charles, M.D., Medical Director, UWMF Radiology
irector, UWMF Radiology