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Return Policy (111.004)

Return Policy (111.004) - Policies, Administrative, UWMF, UWMF-wide, Materials Management


Return Policy

To establish guidelines for the processing of Stock and Non-Stock items returned to UWMF
Materials Management.

Returned items will be reviewed to determine whether or not they can be credited to the returning
location/department. Items that can be returned to the vendor or added back into inventory will be
credited to the department. Items not qualifying for credit will be stored for donation.

Materials Management – Packing Slip
PeopleSoft Online Requisition Form.

PROCEDURE—Stock Items:
A. Departments desiring to return inventory items to Materials Management-414 must attach a copy
of the Packing Slip which was sent when the order was filled. “Credit” must be written on top
of the form and the returned item should be highlighted. If the original Packing Slip was not
retained, a copy of the original Requisition, which is available in PeopleSoft, must be attached.
Materials Management Staff can be contacted by phone (608-826-6800) for assistance when
receiving an incorrect item.
B. Materials Management personnel receiving the returns will check the Packing Slip or
Requisition and verify the items listed are the same as the material received. If there are
discrepancies, you will be contacted as the item(s) will not be credited.
C. Acceptance of returned stock items for credit or exchange will be based on the following
a. Items returned must be unopened, in the same packaging as when issued. Also, the
Materials Management Department will only accept items back into inventory if we feel
we can use the amount returned within a year based on the inventory we have on hand at
the time of the return.
b. Items should be returned within two weeks of receipt to receive credit.
D. The decision to accept or reject an item will be made by Materials Management personnel.
E. Non-stock items may have a restocking charge which will be paid by the department making the
return. Restocking charges typically run from 15-25% of the original item cost. Any costs
associated with shipping the items back to the supplier will be charged to the department
returning the product.