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Office Supply Ordering Guidelines (111.003)

Office Supply Ordering Guidelines (111.003) - Policies, Administrative, UWMF, UWMF-wide, Materials Management


Office Supply Ordering Guidelines

To assist UWMF personnel in ordering routine office supplies in accordance with UW Medical
Foundation policy.

It is the policy of the UW Medical Foundation that requests for routine offices supplies be made
using the contract supplier, OfficeMax.

Contact Person: Shelly Anderberg - (608) 826-6853

This is written with the assumption that the requester has been authorized and set up to order from
the UW Medical Foundation contract supplier. For instructions on how to get authorization and
training in placing online orders for office supplies, contact Shelly Anderberg at (608) 826-6853 or

Departments are asked to limit their requests to one per week. Small orders should be held until
more items are needed. Shipments do not typically have shipping costs added and arrive by their
truck or contracted courier.

UW Medical Foundation has a "shopping list" of standard office supply items. This list includes
pens, pencils, markers, desk accessories, binders, labels, copy paper, writing pads, post-it notes,
blank envelopes, file folders, some toner cartridges, and miscellaneous office supplies. It is highly
recommended that the requester select supplies from this list first as we receive better pricing on
these standard items.

The Department/Clinic is responsible for receiving and checking all shipments. The items listed on
the packing slip should be compared to the items actually received. If any discrepancies are found,
OfficeMax should be notified immediately, either online or by telephone at 877-969-6629. As
orders are received and checked in, a copy of the packing slip should be forwarded to Accounts
Payable (Mail Code 414-A/P) or faxed to 821-4221.

OfficeMax has an online Customer Service system for handling order problems and returns. DO
NOT send goods shipped incorrectly or to be returned to OfficeMax to Materials Management. See
UWMF Return Policy.

If you have questions, please contact Shelly Anderberg at (608) 826-6853 or by email at