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Clinic Receiving Policy (111.001)

Clinic Receiving Policy (111.001) - Policies, Administrative, UWMF, UWMF-wide, Materials Management


University of Wisconsin Medical Foundation Clinic Receiving Policy

To establish uniform methods for receiving goods purchased by the University of Wisconsin
Medical Foundation (UWMF) to ensure that adequate controls are in place to protect and
account for our resources.

 Packing Slip: a shipping document that accompanies packages usually inside an attached
shipping pouch or inside the package itself. It commonly includes an itemized detail of
the package contents. It serves to inform all parties about the contents of the package.
Individual locations (clinics) should only receive a packing slip when merchandise is
shipped directly to an individual location and does not get shipped to the Materials
Management Department.
 Picking Plan (Pick Ticket): a packing slip created and used by UWMF to pull the
ordered items from our inventory and send them to the appropriate location. This is what
will be received at the individual locations for items we have in inventory. It contains the
requisition number, the item(s) ordered, the quantity shipped, and where it should be
shipped (location and/or department #).
 Purchase Order (PO): document created and issued by the Purchasing Agents of the
UWMF for the vendors which includes detailed specifications for goods and services.
 Requisition: a formal request for products completed through PeopleSoft and sent to the
Purchasing Agents indicating what is needed, how many, and where it needs to be
 Requisitioner: the person assigned to request items for a specific location.

Materials Management is the central receiving point for the delivery of UWMF supplies and
is responsible for verifying deliveries, inspecting for damaged merchandise, coordinating the
delivery of merchandise to the ordering departments, and initiating the necessary paperwork
for the proper receiving and eventual payment to the vendor. Except for special
circumstances, merchandise will be shipped to the Materials Management Department
(#414AOB) before distribution to the departments. Any exceptions need to be coordinated
with the appropriate Purchasing Agent in Materials Management.

The couriers will deliver the products to the appropriate locations to help avoid incorrect
delivery and/or misplacement of products.

When a requisition is completed and saved, print the requisition by selecting “View Printable
Version” and print the document. Keep the printed version in a location that is kept near
where the supplies are received. This folder should contain requisition copies until all items
on that requisition are received. It is advisable to keep the requisitions in requisition number
order, which will also be in order by date.

When you receive supplies, you should either receive a pick ticket, packing slip or the box
should be marked with the requisition number for the items contained in that box. The pick
ticket also contains the requisition number. Pull the appropriate requisition from the folder
and check the items received against the requisition to be sure you receive the correct item in
the correct quantity. It may happen that you receive just a portion of what you had requested.
In that case, make a note of the quantity you did receive so that when the rest of the quantity
arrives, you can mark that item complete. If you receive a pick ticket with the supplies, you

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