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Director On Call Procedure (AD-PRO- 015)

Director On Call Procedure (AD-PRO- 015) - Policies, Administrative, UWMF, UWMF-wide, Information Services, IS Procedures

AD-PRO- 015

Administrative Departmental Procedure
This department-specific procedure applies to the operations and staff of the Information Services
Department of the University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics Authority as integrated effective July 1,
Policy Title: UW Health IS Director On Call Procedure
Policy Number: AD-PRO-015
Effective Date: 12/12/2016
Chapter: Information Services
Version: Revision

This procedure describes the assignment, notification, and responsibilities of the Information
Services (IS) Director On Call.


A. Assignments

1. The Chief Information Officer (CIO), or designee, assigns weekly (Thursday through
Thursday) an IS Director On Call.
2. An IS Director On Call must be available via phone or page at all times while on call.
3. The CIO, or designee, distributes the IS Director On Call List covering a period of not less
than three months. This list is available on UConnect under Paging.

B. Coverage

1. The IS Director On Call is responsible for securing IS Director coverage in the event he/she
is unable to adhere to the original schedule.
2. The IS Director On Call is responsible for ensuring the Paging and Messaging system is
updated with any schedule changes. the following of any schedule changes:
Ensure the appropriate staff working on the resolution are assigned
C. Communication

1. To contact the IS Director On Call:
a. Request page via the Paging and Message Center (608-262-2122).
b. Access “Paging” via UConnect:
i. Search on “IS DIRECTOR ON CALL” under “On-Call Schedule Search”
ii. Select the IS Director On Call listed for that day
iii. Enter text message and Send
2. Any incidents or pertinent information requiring follow up should be communicated by the
current IS Director On Call to the incoming IS Director On Call.
3. If additional tasks are needed, they are assigned to additional analysts and/or appropriate
4. Update customers on progress as new information becomes available, a resolution timeframe
is established, or the request is completed.

D. Workflow for a Unplanned Downtime or Performance Issue

1. An IS Analyst discovers a system or network is down or not performing properly.
2. The IS Analyst or Help Desk notifies the IS Director On Call. For Tier 1 applications,
notification should be received within 15 minutes of the issue arising.
3. The IS Director On Call conducts research to determine the impact and duration of the
problem, as well as the users/patients impacted. The IS Director On Call has 30 to 60 minutes
to analyze the situation, gather facts, and mobilize subject matter experts before notification
and communication of known issues, facts, and recommended actions.
4. The IS Director On Call determines if a Scrolling Banner Alert notification to networked
workstations is needed. If one is needed:
a. The IS Director On Call confirms banner details.
b. The Help Desk (608-267-7777 or IS - Help Desk-UWH
uwhHelpDesk@uwhealth.org) runs the banner on networked workstations.
c. The banner is updated hourly with new information, as available.
2. The IS Director On Call notifies the appropriate group(s) or individuals below via page or
email, with details of the problem and an 800# to call into, if necessary:
a. IS Unplanned Downtime Notification group
b. IS Downtime Planned Approval group (ISDowntimePlannedApproval@uwhealth.org
or contact UWH Paging & Messaging at 608-263-2122)
c. Additional distribution lists:
i. All UWMF Employees: UWMFAllEmps@uwhealth.org
ii. All UWHC Employees: HospitalEmployees@uwhealth.org
iii. Med School – UWHC Privileges: allfaculty@uwhealth.org
iv. Non-Physician Providers: Non-PhysicianProviders@uwhealth.org
v. All ACHC Employees: ACHC-AllEmployees@accesshealthwi.org
vi. All DFM Employees: DFMAllEmps@uwhealth.org

3. The IS Director On Call distributes the notification via IS – Notification – UWH
(is.notification@uwhealth.org) and will contain the following details:
a. Problem: What is happening
b. Impact: Who is impacted
c. Duration: When will the issue be resolved
d. Next Steps
e. Operational Leadership Action Requested
f. Include a conference bridge when appropriate for the larger audience.
4. When the affected system or network is restored to normal functioning:
a. The Help Desk runs a Scrolling Banner Alert indicating this.
b. The appropriate groups are notified that the system or network is back up.


UW Health IS Director On Call Policy (AD-POL-015)
IS Downtime Contact List


Sr. Management Sponsor: UW Health IS CIO
Author: IS Director – Project Management

Reviewer(s): UW Health IS Directors

Approval Committee: UW Health IS Directors

UW Health CIO

Revision Detail:

Previous revision: 12/12/2016
Next revision: 12/12/2018