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Out of Office Request Procedure (AD-PRO- 010)

Out of Office Request Procedure (AD-PRO- 010) - Policies, Administrative, UWMF, UWMF-wide, Information Services, IS Procedures

AD-PRO- 010

Administrative Departmental Procedure
This department-specific procedure applies to the operations and staff of the Information Services
Department of the University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics Authority as integrated effective July 1,

Procedure Title: IS Out of Office Request
Procedure Number: AD-PRO-010
Effective Date: 6/3/16
Chapter: NA
Version: Revision

This procedure describes the steps that Information Services (IS) employees must follow to
account for absences from their assigned office building or workplace.

II. DEFINITIONS (optional)

This procedure supports the following policy:

UW Health IS Out of Office Request Policy

A. Updating Outlook
1. Locate your calendar, right-click it, and click Properties.

2. In your Calendar Properties, click the Permissions tab and then click Add button.

3. Find the group named IS – Calendar Permissions-UWH, click Add, and then click

4. Once the group is added to your calendar permissions, select Reviewer in the
Permission Level drop-down. Then select Free/Busy time, subject, location in the
Read area. Click OK to close the window.

5. Personal Outlook calendars should be updated with the appropriate OOO status
(e.g., BUS, VAC, SICK).
6. Outlook Automatic Replies should be activated to indicate absence, when the
employee will return to the office, and who can be contacted to assist someone
during the employee’s absence.

B. Updating Voicemail
1. Voicemail greetings should be changed or updated to indicate an employee’s absence,
when the employee will return to the office, and who can be contacted to assist a caller
during the employee’s absence.
2. Log in to voicemail.
a. Press 41 to record a new greeting.
b. Press 412 to activate a prerecorded alternate greeting.

C. Updating Pager Status
1. Web Paging
a. On U-Connect, click the Paging link in the upper-left of the page.

b. Search for your paging profile, by Last Name, First Name, Paging Number, or
Phone Extension.
c. Select Change Paging Status from the drop-down box.
d. Choose Status from the drop-down box.
e. Click Change.

2. 265-7001
a. Dial 265-7001 (Not to be confused with 265-7000).
b. Enter your Pager ID.
c. Enter your Security Code (Pager ID) followed by # if prompted.
d. Select the appropriate Paging Status followed by #.

3. Paging & Messaging 262-2122
a. Dial 262-2122
b. Provide the Service Rep with the following:
• Your name and Pager ID
• The status you would like to be changed to and time period, if applicable.

V. FORMS (optional)

VI. REFERENCES (optional)

Sr. Management Sponsor: UW Health CIO
Author: UW Health IS Director – Project Management
Reviewer(s): UW Health IS Directors

Approval Committee: UW Health IS Directors

UW Health CIO

Revision Detail:

Effective Date Next Review Summary of Changes Change Authors
6/3/16 6/3/16
Updated calendar
permissions procedure
R. Oetzman, T. Frisch, E. Bakkum
4/26/2016 4/26/2017 Annual review/revision. S. Schroeder, R. Oetzman, E. Bakkum
1/8/2015 1/8/2016
Revised for new IS
S. Schroeder, J. Leonard
10/7/2014 10/7/2017 Original release. D. Drefcinski