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Director On Call (AD-POL- 015)

Director On Call (AD-POL- 015) - Policies, Administrative, UWMF, UWMF-wide, Information Services

AD-POL- 015

Administrative Departmental Policy
This department-specific policy applies to the operations and staff of the Information Services
Department of the University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics Authority as integrated effective July 1,

Policy Title: UW Health IS Director On Call Policy
Policy Number: AD-POL-015
Effective Date: 12/12/2016
Chapter: Information Services
Version: Revision

This policy establishes guidelines for the assignment, notification, and responsibilities of the
Information Services (IS) Director On Call.


This policy covers all UW Health IS employees.


Regular Notice Downtime: A planned (i.e., scheduled) system downtime which will occur more
than 2 weeks away and is completed within the scheduled time.
Short Notice Downtime: A planned (could be scheduled) system downtime which will occur
within 2 weeks or less and is completed within the scheduled time.
Unplanned Downtime: A system is not accessible, or is non-operational, for a period of time
that was not previously scheduled and communicated to that system’s users (i.e., operational
stakeholders). This is also referred to as unplanned downtime. A regular or short notice downtime
that exceeds the scheduled length by more than 20 minutes should then follow the policy for a no
notice downtime.


The IS Director On Call serves as a communication and direction resource for IS and other UW
Health staff that require clarification of appropriate procedures during an incident.

A. Responsibilities

1. The IS Director On Call is notified of all situations in which customer and/or patient access to
critical applications and networks is disrupted or jeopardized. The IS Director On Call should
also be notified of any unusual occurrence that requires action from a Director when the
appropriate Director is unavailable.
2. Unplanned downtimes or performance issues with an application, system, or network are
reported to the user community as soon as they are discovered.
3. Unplanned downtimes or performance issues (and their resolution) are reported to users by

one of the following methods:
a. UConnect System Alert on the UW Health UConnect intranet site.
b. Scrolling Banner Alert notification to networked workstations.
c. Email
d. Pager

B. Timeliness

The IS Director On Call must:
1. Respond to a page within 15 minutes by calling the message number displayed on the
pager (IS Help Desk or Paging and Messaging Center).
2. Notify stakeholders within 60 minutes with an update on the status of the issue. The
Director On Call is responsible for determining the frequency of the updates based on the
severity of the issue.


UW Health IS Director On Call Procedure (AD-PRO-015)
IS Downtime Contact List


Sr. Management Sponsor: UW Health IS CIO
Author: UW Health IS Director – Project Management
Reviewer(s): UW Health IS Directors

Approval Committee: UW Health IS Directors

UW Health CIO

Revision Detail:

Previous revision: 12/12/2015
Next revision: 12/12/2018