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Employee Grievance Policy (108.025)

Employee Grievance Policy (108.025) - Policies, Administrative, UWMF, UWMF-wide, Human Resources


Human Resources
Employee Grievance Policy

Effective Date: 07/01/2005
Supersedes Policy Date: 07/15/1999


The purpose of this policy is to provide a grievance procedure (i.e., a problem solving
process) for employees to work through dissatisfaction relative to employment. A
grievance is defined as any difference regarding interpretation or application of rules or
procedures for salaries, benefits, hours of work, conditions of employment, standards of
conduct or termination of employment. Use of the grievance procedure will not
prejudice or jeopardize the employee’s employment status.


The grievance procedure is not an attempt to dilute authority or responsibility, but rather
represents an orderly process by which unusual matters can be resolved in an
agreeable manner.

Any employee who has completed the 90-day new employee period (or when indicated
upon hire for training purposes, the first 180 calendar days of employment) who has a
grievance is entitled to refer it to management for prompt consideration of the


Employees and their supervisors are expected to make their best attempt to informally
and expediently resolve any complaint that exists with respect to the above grievance

Employees should immediately bring up an issue of concern with their supervisor in
writing. If the employee has not received a satisfactory response from his or her
supervisor, the employee may file a formal grievance according to the procedure
described below.


In the event that a complaint arises and cannot be settled informally, the formal
grievance procedure has been developed to initiate an orderly outlet for such
complaints and grievances.

Step 1: In the event that an employee's complaint is not resolved after informally
presenting it to his/her supervisor, a formal grievance may be initiated with the clinic/
department manager. This step would be initiated by the employee completing and
filing the Employee Grievance Form with Human Resources within ten working days of
the incident giving rise to the concern.

The department manager will review all pertinent information and may wish to meet with
the employee and supervisor for clarification, as well as seek the advice of Human
Resources before rendering a decision. The department manager should make a
decision and inform the employee in writing within 10 working days from receipt of the
grievance. If this timeline is not adequate, the department manager should
communicate a realistic timeline to the employee.

Step 2: If the resolution at Step 1 is not satisfactory to the employee, he/she may
request within 10 working days of Step 1 resolution that the grievance proceed to the
executive manager over the area in which the employee works. The executive
manager will review all information collected to this point, then meet with the employee
and with the supervisor and department manager to gather facts and additional
information. The executive manager will consult with the Vice President of Human
Resources, or designated representative, and will reach a decision within ten working
days of grievance presentation.

Step 3: If the employee is not satisfied by the decision from Step 2, the employee, by
informing the HR representative of his/her desire to appeal, may appeal to the Chief
Operating Officer or his/her designated representative (which will not include the
employee’s supervisor) to render a final decision. The Chief Operating Officer or
his/her designated representative, will review the accumulated information from the
previous step decisions and the Vice President of Human Resources' recommendation
and render a final written decision to the employee within 15 working days of receipt of
grievance information.


An employee can appeal the final decision, providing additional facts pertinent to the
case are uncovered and presented to the Vice President of Human Resources. The
Vice President of Human Resources will determine if the case can be appealed. No
complaints or potential grievance will be accepted after 30 calendar days from the date
of incident.


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