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Attendance and Time Policy (108.017)

Attendance and Time Policy (108.017) - Policies, Administrative, UWMF, UWMF-wide, Human Resources


Human Resources
Attendance & Time Policy

Effective Date: 08/12/2014
Supersedes Policy Date: 04/22/2013


The purpose of this policy is to outline your responsibility to come to work when
assigned and ensure accurate records of worked hours.


Employee Commitment:

As a University of Wisconsin Medical Foundation (UWMF) employee, you make a
commitment to work your scheduled assignments. It is important that you be ready to
assume work responsibilities at your designated time. This includes shift start time, as
well as return from breaks and lunch or dinner.

In case of an absence, it is YOUR responsibility to contact your supervisor at least one
hour before your scheduled start time. It is UNACCEPTABLE to leave a message on
voicemail, with the answering service or a co-worker or send a text message without a
follow-up call to your supervisor. Your supervisor reserves the right to request a
physician’s note to ensure you may return to work. Patterns of unexcused absences or
tardiness, as well as excessive unexcused absenteeism and tardiness (if not covered by
FMLA) will lead to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

If you do not report to work or call for three or more days, UWMF will consider you to
have voluntarily terminated your employment. In this case, since sufficient notice was
not given, any unused PTO will not be paid out and you will not be eligible for rehire with
UWMF. Refer to the ‘Resignation Policy’ for more details.

Kronos Timekeeping System:

All hourly employees will clock in and out at the beginning and at the conclusion of
his/her workday at their designated work station. Any time worked outside of the
employee’s regular schedule must have prior approval from the department supervisor.
Hours worked without prior approval may result to disciplinary action up to and including

When you clock in and out for the day, Kronos will calculate the amount of time to
record based on the time that you clock in. It will round to the nearest quarter hour,
based on a 7 minute rounding rule.
For Example:
In Punch of 7:53 am will be rounded up to 8:00am
Out Punch of 4:37 pm will be rounded down to 4:30pm

Hourly employees are required to clock out for lunch breaks and any time he/she leaves
the department or clinic for personal business other than for unpaid breaks. Employees
are also required to clock in when returning to work. Refer to the ‘Meal and Rest
Period Policy’ for further detail.

Falsification of time records, including clocking in or out for another employee;
falsification of work time (i.e. clocking in and subsequently parking your vehicle);
repeated failure to clock in and out for beginning/end of shift or for any non-work related
business other than for authorized breaks may result in disciplinary action up to and
including immediate termination.

UWMF discourages the deletion of punches that originate from Teletime but
understands that sometimes edits need to happen. If this occurs, a supervisor may edit
the punch and must attach a comment to it. This will provide additional information
about the transaction

A timecard is a legal document and all edits to a timecard, including deleted punches,
are tracked in the Audits tab of the employee’s timecard.