Human Resources

Human Resources - Policies, Administrative, UWMF, UWMF-wide

At-Home Coding Policy (108.016)
Attendance and Time Policy (108.017)
Clinic Operations Staff Options During Provider Absence Policy (108.019)
Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Professional Expense (licensing/certification) Guideline for Advanced Practice Providers (108.002)
Employee Grievance Policy (108.025)
Employee Performance Expectations Policy (108.026)
Employement of Relatives & Friends Policy (Nepotism and Consensual Relationships) (108.036)
Exempt Pay Policy (108.027)
Guidelines for Ethical and Professional Behavior (108.008)
Guidelines for Professional Conduct of Physician Faculty in the Clinical Setting (108.009)
Job Sharing (108.011)
Meal and Rest Period Policy (108.034)
Physician Parental Leave of Absence Policy (108.040)
Reinstatement of Employment Policy (108.042)
Secondary Employment Policy (108.044)
Substance Abuse Policy (108.048)
Work Assignment Policy (108.054)