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SuperUser SmartTools Access (HL-021-POL)

SuperUser SmartTools Access (HL-021-POL) - Policies, Administrative, UWMF, UWMF-wide, Health Link


Administrative Departmental Policy
This department-specific policy applies to the operations and staff of the Information Services
Department of the University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics Authority as integrated effective July 1,

Policy Title: SuperUser SmartTools Access
Policy Number: HL-021-POL
Effective Date: April 7, 2016
Chapter: NA
Version: Revision

This policy establishes guidelines and procedures for designated super-users to produce limited
SmartTools for eventual use in the Health Link Production (PRD) environment.

Health Link: The trademarked name for the Epic Systems integrated health record and business
UW Health Information Services (IS): The Information Services department serves the
information technology service needs of UW Health.
Designated Super-User (SU): A UW Health staff member who has been identified by a
department Director (or above) and approved by an IS Director (or above) to be granted full
access to produce limited SmartTools for their department, after receiving appropriate training
provided by an IS staff member.
Limited SmartTools (LST): A set of applications that include:
• SmartText
• SmartLists
• SmartList Manager
• SmartPhrases.
LST does not include the security clearance to produce or edit SmartLinks.
Appropriate training: Training in the technical fundamentals of producing limited SmartTools,
the Health Link Content Management & Style Guide, testing, and change management process
outlined in this policy.
INT: The Health Link Integrated Testing environment.
PRD: The Health Link Production environment.
Health Link Content Management & Style Guide: A document that defines the required
elements for a consistent, standardized, and compliant build of the electronic medical record.
Change Management Process: The process described in the IS Change Review and
Management Policy (AD-POL-002).
Build and Environment Migration: A description of where LST’s are built, approved, and
migrated from one environment to another.
HIM Validation: A review required by HIM personnel based on requirements listed in the
Health Link Content Management and Style Guide, UWHC 6.38 Medical Record Forms and

Electronic Content Development, Design and Major Revisions Policy, and current industry


UW Health Information Services promotes the timely development of clinically accurate and
locally validated SmartTools for use within Health Link. To this end, IS allows designated super-
users security access to the full builder functionality of limited SmartTools. IS reserves the right
to revoke this security at any time and for any reason.

SUs are identified by a director (or above) from the sponsoring department and must be approved
by a director (or above) from the appropriate IS Health Link team. IS Health Link staff members
coordinate all security and environment access for SUs. Training is provided by IS Health Link
staff to include basic build functions, requirements of the Health Link Content Management and
Style Guide, HIM validation process, and the build and environment migration process, including
change management procedures.

All initial build, testing, and approval of produced SmartTools must be done in the INT
environment. After the product has been approved in INT by HIM and the IS Health Link team
member, the IS Health Link team member works with the SU to determine a date to move the
build to PRD. SUs do not have access to Data Courier and thus may not move content to PRD.

The IS Health Link team member provides final review of the SU product, executes the IS
Change Management process, and releases the product into PRD.

The SU does not edit any SmartText that is not in the scope of his/her department’s work. The SU
carefully considers the pros and cons of editing existing department SmartText versus making
new documents. If editing an existing document, the SU uses versioning functionality.

With few exceptions, SmartLists should not be edited. If it is unequivocally certain that the
SmartList is not being used in any other SmartTool, the list can be versioned and edited.

The following procedures support this policy:

SuperUser SmartTools Access Procedure (HL-021-PRO)

V. FORMS (optional)

IS Change Review and Management Policy (AD-POL-002)

Medical Record Forms and Electronic Content Development, Design and Major Revisions Policy
(UWHC Administrative Policy 6.38)


Sr. Management Sponsor: UW Health CIO
Author: Project Management Office

Reviewer(s): Project Management Office; IS Director - Infrastructure

Approval Committee: Health Link Technical Leaders

UW Health CIO

Revision Detail:

Effective Date Next Review Summary of Changes Change Authors
4/07/2016 4/072017 Annual review/revision.
J. Bunton, K. Werla, J. Leonard, E.
10/9/2014 10/9/2015 Initial release. J. Bunton, K. Werla, J. Leonard