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Environments (HL-013-POL)

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Administrative Manual

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Title: Environments (this policy is used
by UWHC, UWMF, and Unity)


This policy establishes a forum to agree on an integrated environment calendar for the
Health Link Test environments and the Production (PRD) environment. It is necessary to
ensure application teams maintain and keep the build in sync across each Health Link
Test environment. There is also a need to facilitate the approval process to either
request a new environment, archive an environment, or decommission an environment
that is no longer in use.


This policy applies to all changes (not limited to RA/SUs) and the following stakeholders:
ξ University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics (UWHC)
ξ University of Wisconsin Medical Foundation (UWMF)
ξ Unity
ξ Health Link RA/SU coordinators
ξ Health Link Application Teams
ξ Health Link Technical Teams
ξ Health Link Environments
ξ Operational owners


Health Link: The trademarked name for the Epic Systems integrated health record and
business software.
RA/SU Coordinator: The person responsible for overall management of installation for
all RA/SUs and monthly SUs. The coordinator ensures adherence to RA/SUs following a
defined Health Link environment progression.
Health Link Application Project Lead: The person who serves as the team lead to
represent a given Health Link/Epic application.
Technical Team: The group responsible for assisting in the planning and scheduling of
activities related to system development.

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Operational (Op) Owner: The person representing UW Health business and healthcare
operations that is assigned as the primary contact for a master file. The Op Owner is not
necessarily the decision-maker for a master file but would be the single point of contact
to coordinate authoritative resources as needed. The Op Owner’s responsibilities
include, but are not limited to:
ξ Maintaining communications with other master file owners and vendors
ξ Communications to end-users
ξ Interpreting and understanding the scope of changes
RA Conference Call Group: A group of Health Link application project team leads that
meets on average three times per week to review special updates and custom code
released by Epic.
Epic Technical Service (TS): An Epic division whose staff members:
ξ Perform system builds
ξ Support programming
ξ Facilitate change orders
ξ Provide client support


Outline environment management related responsibilities to coordinate the review of the
RA/SU and environment calendar on a regular basis and distribute communications
regarding downtimes, refreshes, and bi-monthly RA/SU testing.
1. Ensure main contacts for Epic TS are in communication regarding refreshes,
downtimes, and reapplies after refreshes, etc.
2. Representation must be included from each application team as well as from the
technical team to acknowledge and approve the environment calendar.
3. The environment calendar is subject to change. Any special requests and/or
adjustments must be discussed at the RA/SU Conference Call Group meeting. If
there are any points of escalation, the discussion advances to the Health Link
Technical Leaders.


The following procedures support this policy:

Environments Procedure (HL-013-PRO)


Emergent or Canceled PRD Downtime (HL-019-POL)
RA/SU Management (HL-010-POL)
Change Management (HL-004-POL)

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UW Health is not a legal entity. UW Health comprises three separate entities. This policy
applies to facilities and programs operated by the University of Wisconsin Hospitals and
Clinics Authority and the University of Wisconsin Medical Foundation, Inc., and affiliated

Each entity is responsible for enforcement of this policy in relation to the facilities and
programs that it operates.


The details of Coordination of UWHC and UWMF are shown below. Approval and
coordination of this policy by those entities occurs per their individual processes.

UWHC Sr. Management Sponsor: UW Health IS CIO
UWHC Author: Project Management Office
UWHC Reviewers: Project Management Office
UWHC Approval committee(s): IS Health Link Technical Leaders

UWMF Sr. Management Sponsor: UW Health IS CIO
UWMF Author: Project Management Office
UWMF Reviewers: Project Management Office
UWMF Approval: IS Health Link Technical Leaders


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