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Master File Maintenance EAP (HL-001-POL)

Master File Maintenance EAP (HL-001-POL) - Policies, Administrative, UWMF, UWMF-wide, Health Link


Administrative Departmental Policy
This department-specific policy applies to the operations and staff of the Information Services
Department of the University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics Authority as integrated effective July 1,

Policy Title: Master File Maintenance EAP Policy
Policy Number: HL-001-POL
Effective Date: 4/5/16
Chapter: NA
Version: Revision

This policy establishes standards for maintenance of the EAP Master File, including who can
request, approve, and implement changes to it, and how those changes are made.

UW Health: An academic health system that includes the University of Wisconsin School of
Medicine and Public Health (SMPH), University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics (UWHC),
University of Wisconsin Medical Foundation (UWMF), and Unity Health Insurance.
Community Connect: Health care system affiliates in contractual partnership with UW Health to
share the Health Link Epic platform.
Health Link: The integrated health record and business system shared by UW Health. The
trademarked name for the software is Epic Systems.
EAP Master File: The procedure record file used to define the procedures performed by the
organization, including charges (medical procedures, in the orderable, performable, chargeable
paradigm), payments and adjustments. EAP is the INI or three-letter abbreviation for the master
file as defined by Epic Systems.


1. Changes to the EAP Master File can be requested by Coding, Clinical Application Teams,
Clinic or Unit Managers, and representatives from the Business Offices for all UW Health
divisions and Community Connect partners.
2. Changes to charges and orderables are approved jointly by the UWMF Director of Coding
and Charge Capture and the UWHC Manager of Charge Capture. Changes to payments and
adjustments are approved by the UWMF Director of Patient Financial Services and the
UWHC Manager of Charge Capture or a designee.
3. The UWHC Manager of Charge Capture determines appropriate linking of UWHC
procedures to UWMF procedures.
4. Changes for non-chargeable items are implemented by an EAP representative from one of the
affected application teams. Changes for chargeable items are implemented by a member of
the Health Link Referrals and Master Files team.

5. Non-urgent requests are completed in 10 business days or less.
6. Urgent/emergent requests are those that have material revenue impact, involve direct patient
care, or are defined as a safety/regulatory requirement.
7. Access to the EAP Master File is governed by UW Health IS Systems Access with the
appropriate approval of the Vice President of Revenue Cycle for UW Health.

The following procedures support this policy:

Master File Maintenance EAP Procedure (HL-001-PRO)

V. FORMS (optional)

VI. REFERENCES (optional)


Sr. Management Sponsor: VP – Revenue Cycle
Author: Patient Business Services – Charge Capture
Reviewer(s): Health Link Technical Leaders

Approval Committee: Health Link Technical Leaders

UW Health CIO


Effective Date Next Review Summary of Changes Change Authors
4/5/2016 4/5/2017
Policy updates. Annual
T. Frey, E. Bakkum
11/3/2014 11/3/2015
Updates per SME annual
J. Leonard, T. Frey, A. Armstrong, L.
Davidson, A. Stewart
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