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UWMF Requisitioning Policy

I. Purpose
To establish guidelines and requirements for the requisitioning of all tangible items within the
University of Wisconsin Medical Foundation (UWMF) as well as to provide a point of reference for
requisitioning questions and concerns. This policy allows the Purchasing Agents to find the best
vendor and cost for the Requisitioned items in an efficient manner.
Tangible items are items that have substance, are material and are able to be touched.

II. Policy
All requisitions for tangible items from UWMF departments, programs and facilities are required to be
coordinated through one of the Supply Chain Management (SCM) departments (Materials
Management, Pharmacy and IS). The UWMF SCM departments manage the planning, materials
requisitioning, requisition processing and receiving of all tangible items for UWMF. Purchasing of
these tangible items is centralized at UWMF and the SCM department personnel are the only
authorized purchasing agents for tangible items for UWMF. All purchases of supplies,
pharmaceuticals, equipment, as well as external forms and printing must be processed through one
of the SCM departments. Requisitions are to be sent to the SCM departments through PeopleSoft
(PS) Financials and Supply Chain Management (FSCM) software; this is the only approved means of
procuring tangible items within UWMF.
With the approval of management and completion of PS training, employees will be provided access
to PS to place requisitions for required items; these employees are designated as Requisitioners. The
authorized Requisitioners will create Requisitions which will be considered approved and will provide
the appropriate cost coding for the requisition.
Exceptions to this policy are as follow:
 Computer requests (hardware and software); Requests for these items are processed through
the Information Services (IS) department and are required to be placed via the Computer
Equipment Request form.
 Standard office supplies requisitioned through Office Max. All non-standard Office Max
supplies must be ordered in adherence to this policy.
 Items purchased for Retail, such as but not limited to hearing aids, eyeglasses, lenses and skin
 Custom Orthotic orders.
 Badger Graphics ordering of Business Cards, Appointment Cards, Letterheads & Envelopes.
Badger Graphics items not listed must be ordered in adherence to this policy.

The UWMF Accounts Payable (AP) department process invoices directly into the PS software for
payment. Invoices with the appropriate Purchase Order (PO) number listed should be sent directly
from the vendor to the AP department. Due to internal control policies, it is not appropriate to have
the invoice sent to the Department that placed the requisition. PS Requisitions are considered
approved and come complete with cost coding. Tangible item invoices will never be deemed for sign

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and code approval. Departments will continue to review, sign and code invoices for non-tangible
requisitions placed outside of the PS software.

Capital purchases are not exempt from this policy; however, there are additional pre-requisites and
guidelines for placing these Requisitions.

III. Procedure
All tangible items must be placed on Requisitions in the PS FSCM software. Once the Requisition has
been saved and approved, it will automatically be sent to the appropriate SCM Purchasing Agent.
 Authorized Requisitioners have defaulted cost coding provided by department or program
managers when the access request was completed. If a change is needed on the default cost
coding of a Requisition, the Requisitioner is responsible to make this change.
 PS software access is restricted; manager approval and training are required before access will
be provided.
Purchase Orders
The requisitioned item(s) will either ship from UWMF’s inventory or will be processed onto a PO to be
sent to a vendor.
 For first-time vendors, the Purchasing Agent will complete a Vendor Information Form. This
form may be e-mailed, faxed, or Inter-Department mailed with a W-9 provided by the vendor
to the AP department.
If a vendor drop-ships a requisition item to your site, the packing slip must be forwarded to the
appropriate SCM department immediately. The SCM department will process the receipt in the PS
software. If packing slips are not received promptly by the appropriate SCM department, the invoice
cannot be processed. This may result in delay of payment, lost discounts, late charges or allocation
to the incorrect fiscal budget.
The AP department will process invoices for any items that have been received into PS. To verify
that UWMF is being billed correctly, invoices will be subject to a three-point match: item, quantity
and cost. If there are discrepancies between the invoice and the PO, the AP department will notify
the Purchasing Agent. The Purchasing Agent will work with the vendor to resolve the discrepancies.
Other Points
 Returns should be handled according to the appropriate SCM department guidelines.
 If you are contacted by a vendor regarding a requisition, inform the vendor to contact the
appropriate SCM department. You are not approved to authorize a transaction with that
vendor directly.
 The AP department is unable to authorize payment from a quote or statement. An invoice is
required to make a payment; this includes installment payments.
 Credit cards are not to be used to purchase tangible items except in an urgent situation.
 Coding is the responsibility of the Requisitioner. If a Requisitioner is unsure of the coding, the
Requisitioner should contact his/ her Financial Reporting contact.
 No Cash on Delivery (COD) requisitions are approved.

IV. Point of Reference
Supply Chain Management
Materials Management
 Phone: 608/826-6800

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 Fax: 608/836-3434
 E-mail: storeroom@uwmf.wisc.edu
 Mail Code: 414MM
 Phone: 608/287-2406
 Fax: 608/287-2987
 Mail Code: 101
Accounts Payable
 Phone: 608/821-4180
 Fax: 608/821-4221
 E-mail: accountspayable@uwmf.wisc.edu
 Mail Code: 414FIN
Systems Support
Support Center
 Phone: 608/829-5474
 Fax: 608/833-6090
 E-mail: uwhealth@service-now.com
 Mail Code: 414IS
Finance (Employee Access) - Anna Ruddell
 Phone: 608/821-4194
 Fax: 608/821-4221
 E-mail: anna.ruddell@uwmf.wisc.edu
 Mail Code: 414FIN

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