Non-Tangible Purchase Requisition Guidelines (105.014)

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UWMF Non-Tangible Purchase Requisition Guidelines

I. Purpose
To establish guidelines and requirements for the requisitioning of non-tangible expenses within the
University of Wisconsin Medical Foundation (UWMF) which are required by vendors to be submitted
on a Purchase Order (PO).

II. Policy
The PeopleSoft (PS) Financials and Supply Chain Management (FSCM) software is intended to be
used for all requisitioning and inventory purposes of tangible items. It is the policy of UWMF not to
process non-tangible expenses through this software.
The UWMF Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Finance departments recognize that some vendors
do require POs for service agreements, labor costs, repair charges, etc. With the approval of the
Clinic or Department manager, employees may create manual POs for those orders.
Invoices using manual POs will require an approval signature and cost coding prior to the UWMF
Accounts Payable (AP) department processing them.

III. Procedure
The UWMF SCM and Finance departments have created a form for non-tangible POs as well as a
numbering system for those POs.
Purchase Orders
Manual POs should be utilized in instances of (but not limited to) service agreements, labor costs,
and repair charges. The POs are maintained by the user and will not be required to be processed
through the SCM department.
 Non-Tangible POs are not considered authorizations for payment by the AP department;
therefore, the clinic manager (or approved authorizer) will be responsible for reviewing,
signing and cost coding the related invoice(s) when received within UWMF.
 The form should be filled out completely, including the Ship To section. For invoices that arrive
directly in the AP department, the Ship To address allows AP to direct the invoice to the
appropriate clinic/ department for approval.
PO Numbering System
The PO numbers should be a combination of letters, ordering date and User Initials.
Please utilize the following formats when creating a Non-Tangible PO:
Service Agreements: SAmmddyyUI
Labor Costs: LCmmddyyUI
Repairs: REmmddyyUI
Examples would be as follows:
A service agreement by Jane Doe on January 25, 2012: SA012512JD
A labor charge by John Doe on February 12, 2012: LC021212JD
A repair requested by Ricky Bobby on December 7, 2012: RE120712RB

IV. Related Policies and Forms
a. Requisitioning Policy
b. Non-Tangible Purchase Requisition Form

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