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Use and Oversight of Departmental Purchasing Cards (11.30)

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Administrative (Non-Clinical) Policy
As of September 1, 2016, this administrative policy applies to the operations and staff of legacy
UWHC. Effective July 1, 2015, the legacy operations and staff of UWHC and UWMF were integrated
into the University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics Authority (UWHCA). All administrative policies
are being transitioned to apply UWHCA-wide, but until future revision to this policy #11.30 it applies
only to the operations and staff of legacy UWHC.

Policy Title: Use and Oversight of Departmental Purchasing Cards
Policy Number: 11.30
Effective Date: September 1, 2016
Chapter: Procurement Services
Version: Revision

To establish guidelines for obtaining and using a departmental University of Wisconsin Hospital and
Clinics (UWHC) Purchasing Card (Card).
A. Card Holder: Employee to whom a Card is issued.
B. Card Reconciler: Employee responsible for reviewing Card transactions for reasonableness and
ensuring all required documentation to support the transaction is reconciled and complete.
C. Card User: Employee(s) authorized by the Card Holder to use the Card.
D. Card Approver: Employee responsible for approval of purchases for individuals designated as
Corporate Credit Card Users.
E. Corporate Credit Card Users: Employees with approval to use their card for travel and other
miscellaneous business expenses.
A. Purchasing Services Department (PSD) of UWHC will provide a departmental Purchasing Card
for hospital and clinic departments. Purchasing Card Holders will provide in writing the business
purpose for obtaining a Card. PSD will review the request and determine whether the business
purpose is sufficient to warrant issuing the Card.
B. The Director of Purchasing Services is responsible for oversight of the issuance of a Card. This
includes issuing the Card and terminating the Card when Card Holders have terminated their
employment at UWHC or when notified the Card is no longer needed, lost, missing, stolen, or in
the event of fraud.
C. The Card Holder and their supervisor are responsible for the transactions posted to the card.
D. The Card limit is $5,000. Increasing the limit of a purchase card to an amount that exceeds $5,000
requires approval by the Chief Administrative Officer or Chief Financial Officer (or their
designee). The request should be emailed to the Fiscal department. The monthly Card billing
statement is sent directly to the Card Holder for review.
E. Each Card Holder must have a Card Reconciler.
F. The Card may be used at the Card Holder’s discretion; however, the following are required uses
of the card:

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1. Registration of employees for seminars, conferences, meetings
2. Subscriptions, books, or magazines
3. External catering or food
4. Memberships and dues
G. Expenses not allowed to be posted to the Card unless the user has been designated a Corporate
Credit Card User (list is not all-inclusive):
1. Travel related expenses
2. Medical/surgical supplies or minor equipment
3. Alcoholic beverages (Exception: Alcoholic beverages are permitted for recruiting
dinners, retirement parties, or at other events approved by VP or above.).
4. Traffic citations, parking tickets
5. Capital equipment
6. Computer hardware and software (Exception: Information Services can purchase minor
computer hardware and software in emergency situations)
H. Each department issued a Card will develop policies and procedures specific to their own
functions. These policies and procedures will address, but not be limited to, the following:
1. Securing the Card on a daily basis
2. Limiting monthly charges not to exceed $5,000 (unless approved)
3. Determining the employees who can use the Card
4. Limiting Card use to authorized Card Users within the department. (Note: other
departments cannot borrow the Card)
5. Method of checking the Card in and out on a daily basis
6. Types of purchases that can be made in addition to the required uses
7. Reconciliation process
I. Corporate Credit Card Users: Certain employees will be designated Corporate Credit Card Users
and may use their card for business-related expenses including travel, entertainment and supplies.
This decision will be based on the employee’s role and the specific business-related need for this
flexibility. Requests for Corporate Credit Card User designation can be approved by the CAO or
the CFO. A list of approved Corporate Credit Card Users will be maintained by the Director of
Purchasing Services. Corporate Credit Card Users must agree to the additional terms of use
(Section VI (F)) and their supervisor must agree to act as Card Approver for all purchases.

Purchasing Card Request Form (located on Purchasing Services U-Connect page)
Purchasing Card Expense Form (located on Purchasing Services U-Connect page)

A. The applicant will complete the Purchasing Card Request Form and submit it to PSD. The request
form includes the name and signature of the applicant, effective date, business purpose, cost
center, business phone number, department director signature, vice president signature, UWHC
billing address and the assigned Card Reconciler. The Applicant is responsible for designating the
Card Reconciler on the form.
B. The Director of Purchasing Services will review each request and determine whether the business
purpose and authorization is sufficient to issue the Card to the Applicant.
C. Once the card has been issued, PSD will email the Card Reconciler their U.S. Bank Access On-
line logon information, along with a user manual.

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A. UWHC is tax-exempt: Provide merchant UWHC’s tax exempt number (39-1835630) on all
B. When there are multiple users of the Card, the Purchasing Card Expense Form (PCEF) should be
completed for each transaction. This is to be completed by the Card user, and approved by a
senior manager or director responsible for the card. Note: A PCEF is not required if a department
feels they can effectively manage the Card through the U.S. Bank Access On-line system.
C. The Card User will obtain a detailed Card receipt for all purchases. For purchases made via the
Internet, print a copy of the order confirmation or order page. For purchases made via the
telephone, request that a receipt be provided via email or fax. Failure to supply a receipt for any
credit card purchases will require personal repayment of the charge by the cardholder. Exceptions
must be approved in writing by the vice president.
D. For each transaction, the Card User or their delegate will enter the business purpose of the
expense in the U.S. Bank Access On-line system within four days after month-end. For meals or
other group events, the participant names and their relationship to UWHC are required to be
noted in the business description.
E. Within four days of month end close, the Card Reconciler will utilize the U.S. Bank Access On-
line system to review, approve or dispute all transactions posted to their card for the current
month and assure transactions include a business purpose and were within UWHC
guidelines. The proper expense account number must be entered in the On-line system.
F. Both the Card Reconciler and Card Holder must initial the monthly billing statement to document
their review and approval of the transactions being within UWHC's guidelines.
G. For Corporate Credit Card Users (as defined above), the employee’s supervisor (or in the case of
the CEO, the Chief Administrative Officer) must also initial the billing statement. Should an
expense be deemed inappropriate, the Card Holder must attach a personal check to the billing
statement for repayment of such expense.
H. The completed group of PCEF's, if applicable, and all receipts should be attached to the monthly
billing statement. This information is forwarded monthly to the Fiscal/Accounts Payable (mail
code 9230) department for retention.
I. PSD’s Purchase Card should only be used provided a PeopleSoft electronic requisition is in
receipt. A review of the PSD’s Purchase Card transactions should be performed on a monthly
basis by someone independent of the employee who made the purchase. Verification of a
legitimate electronic requisition to support the transaction is required.
J. The Director of Purchasing Services (or designee) will perform the following on a monthly basis:
1. Obtain a report listing of all new cards issued during the month.
2. Ensure there is a proper Purchasing Card Request Form on file and that the card terms
(i.e. cardholder name, credit limit and mailing address) are consistent with terms in the
Request Form.
3. Document the above review by signing/initialing the new card report.

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Sr. Management Sponsor: VP, Facilities and Support Services
Author: Director, Purchasing Operations

Approval Committee: UW Health Administrative Policy and Procedure Committee


Elizabeth Bolt
UW Health Chief Administrative Officer

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