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Policy Title: Home as Primary Work Site
Policy Number: 9.61
Effective Date: November 1, 2015
Chapter: Personnel
Version: Revision

To establish a process and outline parameters for University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics (UWHC)
employees whose primary work site is their residence.


Employees may proceed with a work-at-home schedule only with the approval of their supervisor and in
accordance with parameters established for working at home by UWHC, their department and
supervisor. Departments may have specific work at home policies which should be consulted for those

A. Approval
1. Supervisors may grant or decline approval, at their discretion, of a work-at-home
schedule based on the operational needs of the department, an individual employee
assessment, the historical success in positions of a similar nature or with similar duties,
and any other factors. Employees are not automatically entitled to work at home.
2. Any approval may be made subject to parameters including minimum/maximum hours
worked at home; FTE status; proximity of the home environment to UWHC; production,
quality and overall work standards; and any other parameters.
3. Approval can be for a temporary time period or indefinite, subject to ongoing review.
4. Supervisors may end a work at home arrangement, and require the employee to resume
having UWHC be their primary work site for part or all of the employee's scheduled
hours. In these cases, the employee shall be given thirty (30) days’ notice of the work site
B. Work Environment
1. Home inspections. A work environment conducive to productive and focused time is
essential. If an employee is approved to serve all or most of his/her scheduled hours from
home, an inspection of the home work environment will be completed. The home
inspection shall be conducted by the employee's supervisor, and in some cases, the
UWHC Life Safety Director or designee. Home inspections may be conducted as
necessary with or without notice, to ensure compliance with the parameters set forth in

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this policy. If a physical home inspection is not feasible (i.e., distance), the VP may grant
an exception and/or approve an alternate inspection method.
2. Security of patient information. Employees granted work-at-home privileges must take
measures to secure the confidentiality of patient information to ensure that unauthorized
individuals are prevented from accessing or viewing patient information. This includes,
but is not limited to the following measures:
a. The place where work is to be conducted must be in a separate area of the
residence, isolated from the everyday traffic pattern and activity of the home. For
example, a spare bedroom or home office.
b. Employees must "log out" of computer applications and/or the UWHC's network
when not in use.
c. Employees must cover, conceal or otherwise safeguard information when not in
use (e.g. secure documents in a file cabinet or desk).
d. Work taken to or from UWHC containing patient information must be secured or
otherwise under the employee's control to prevent unauthorized access or
viewing. For example, a "locked security bag" may be utilized.
e. The official hard copy UWHC medical record shall not be removed from UWHC
facilities except under court order.
f. Any documents containing patient information must be shredded at the home
work site.
3. Smoke detector. A smoke detector must be present in the immediate workspace. The
employee is responsible for providing their own smoke detector and maintaining its
4. Telephone and Internet access. The work at home site will need to have acceptable phone
and Internet access which will be maintained according to UWHC technical security
5. Equipment. Arrangement for purchase of equipment including but not limited to desk,
chair, computer, shredder, telephone and reference materials will be according to
departmental policy. The purchase of any equipment to be paid for by UWHC must be
approved prior to purchase. Supervisors may inspect any UWHC provided equipment to
ensure compliance with this policy. If computers are utilized to perform one's job, the
following apply:
a. The department shall contact UW Health Information Services at least thirty days
prior to the employee beginning to work from home to arrange for secured
computing equipment and application testing.
b. UW Health Information Services shall install applications necessary to conduct
work, and arrange to test whether any applications that have previously not been
used from home can function properly remotely. Unapproved applications are
prohibited from being installed on UWHC provided equipment.
c. UW Health Information Services shall assure computing equipment is secured
via full disk encryption before the computing equipment may leave UW Health
d. UW Health Information Services will grant access to applications on a need-to-
know basis only. Unauthorized access to UWHC's network and other
applications is prohibited.
e. UWHC-provided computer equipment must be covered when not in use,
preferably in an enclosed area, and away from pet hair or heavy traffic patterns.
f. Sufficient, indirect lighting should be available to maintain maximum contrast on
a computer monitor without causing glare.
g. Adequate surge protector power cord strips shall be utilized to avoid equipment
damage during power surges.

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h. Three-pronged grounded outlets must be available and used for any UWHC-
owned equipment.
i. Employees must "log off" of applications and the UWHC network when not in
j. Authorized users may not save or store, even temporarily, PHI or other sensitive
business data to local hard drives, flash drives or , CDs, etc.
6. All UWHC-owned equipment must be returned to UWHC once an employee's home is
no longer the primary work site.
7. Ergonomics. Ergonomic policies must be complied with at all times while working for
C. Scheduling
The employee's supervisor must approve the schedule of the home-based employee in advance.
Each department shall reserve the right to approve/disapprove a home schedule based on
operational need or previously set departmental guidelines. The parameters of the schedule shall
be determined by department policy and operational need.
D. Recording Time
Home-based employees shall keep an accurate record of all time worked. Payroll practices for
home-based employees shall be in accordance to UWHC policy and applicable wage and hour
laws. The issuance of the time record, be it on a daily, weekly or per-pay-period basis, as well as
how the time record is to be submitted to the supervisor shall be determined by individual
departmental policy.
E. Travel
Travel reimbursement shall be consistent with UWHC policy and state or federal law.
F. Miscellaneous
1. Employees working from home may not be the primary caregiver for any other person in
the household during work hours.
2. Productivity, quality and performance standards apply regardless of where the work is
3. Employees working from home will be expected to report to the workplace when
necessary or when directed by their supervisor (i.e., department meetings, training).
4. In the event of employment separation, all UWHC equipment and property must be
returned within 24 hours of the employee's last day or upon demand. Equipment must be
in substantially the same condition as when placed in the residence. Failure to return
UWHC equipment and/or property within the timeline referenced, and without an
alternative time established will result in local law enforcement being contacted.

Hospital Administrative Policy 1.01-Remote Access to Electronic Information Systems (HIPAA Security)
Hospital Administrative Policy 9.14-Time and Attendance


This Policy creates no rights, contractual or otherwise. Statements of policy obtained herein are not made
for the purpose of inducing any person to become or remain an employee of UWHC, and should not be
considered "promises" or as granting "property" rights. UWHC may add to, subtract from and/or modify
this Policy at any time. Nothing contained in this Policy impairs the right of an employee or UWHC to
terminate the employment relationship at-will.

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Sr. Management Sponsor: SVP, Chief Information Officer
Author: Director, Employee Relations
Reviewer: Compliance and UW Health Privacy Officer

Approval Committee: Administrative Policy and Procedure Committee


Ronald Sliwinski
President, University of Wisconsin Hospitals
Chief of Clinical Operations

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Previous revision: August 2012
Next revision: November 2018