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Administrative (Non-Clinical) Policy
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Policy Title: Signs
Policy Number: 5.16
Effective Date: July 1, 2015
Chapter: Materials and Environmental Management
Version: Revision


To ensure that installed signs provide desired directions and essential information, enhance the physical
environment, and project a positive image to the general public.


Requests for signs are incorporated with the intent, theme, and decor of the UWHC’s current signage
program in mind.

All proposed signs will be reviewed by an appropriate level of supervision to ensure that they
communicate clearly and project a positive image to the public.

When temporary signs are used to meet a specific and limited purpose, the use of vinyl or bulletin boards
is required.

A. All signs intended to convey information to the public shall be submitted through the Plant
Engineering service request system.
B. All permanent signs must be approved by Vice President-Facilities & Support Services or
C. Material selection and method of installation will be determined in accordance with the Hospital
Sign Standards and applicable regulations. The Hospital Sign Standards are administrated by the
Facilities Management Team. This team includes: the VP for Facilities, Directors of Plant
Engineering, Planning, Design & Construction, Environmental Services, Life Safety, Security
and the Art Coordinator and the UWHC Interior Architect.
D. All signs intended to convey information to employees and staff for a scheduled function must be
posted only on the existing bulletin boards, or frames. At no time should signs be posted on non-
designated wall space, taped in corridors, neither taped in elevators or lobbies.
E. Departmental directors will be responsible for periodic review of all signs installed in their
assigned spaces to ensure that the signs are still appropriate and required. Public areas that are
unassigned will be reviewed by the Vice President of Facilities or designee.

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F. Temporary hand lettered signs will be used only for urgent unforeseen requirements. If the need
for the sign is temporary, i.e., less than 2 weeks, replacement with a permanent sign will not be
required. If the requirement is longer than 2 weeks, a formal Plant Engineering service request
must be submitted for installation of a permanent sign. The temporary signs must adhere to the
same placement restrictions as all other signs. They must be dated with the initial date it is hung,
the scheduled date of removal and the departments’ director signature block with contact
G. The Facilities Management Team will be responsible for the enforcement of the policy and for
removing signs from the public areas. Department Managers will be responsible for removing
inappropriate signs in their departments.

Sr. Management Sponsor: VP, Facilities & Support Services
Authors: Director, Life Safety

Approval Committee(s): Environment of Care Safety Committee, Administrative Policy and Procedure


Ronald Sliwinski
President & CEO

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