Travel Expense Reimbursement and Reporting Requirements of Consultants and Contractors (1.32)

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Policy Title: Travel Expense Reimbursement and Reporting Requirements of
Consultants and Contractors
Policy Number: 1.32
Effective Date: August 1, 2015
Chapter: Procurement Services
Version: Revision

The following expense reimbursement procedures shall apply to all University of Wisconsin Hospitals
and Clinics (UWHC) Agreements in which UWHC is contractually obligated to reimburse a contractor
for reasonable travel expenses related to the performance of a contract.


This document does not apply to a contractor's internal support costs for document preparation and mail
delivery etc. Such costs are sometimes referred to as out-of-pocket expenses but should be included as
part of negotiated consulting rates or separately identified in the contract. Such non-travel expenses are
not to be included in travel reimbursement expenses.

This document, along with the ‘UWHC Contractor Expense Form’, should be attached to and referenced
in all contracts for professional or consulting services.
A. AIR TRAVEL - Travelers are expected to select the lowest airfare available on the date of
travel. This fare will normally be available in coach, economy, tourist, or a similar class of
service. Travel arrangements should produce the lowest total expense to UWHC, considering
both airfare and lodging expense. First class, business class or airline upgrades will not be
reimbursed by UWHC.
B. GROUND TRANSPORTATION - Rental car expenses will be reimbursed at actual cost, not to
exceed $50/day. Travelers should utilize the hotel shuttle, when available, for travel between their
motel and UWHC.
C. MEALS - Meals will be reimbursed at actual cost, not to exceed $60 per person per day,
including tips. Reimbursement for individuals not part of the contracting firm must be pre-
approved by the CEO, COO or CFO. The name of each individual, their business relationship, the
purpose of the business meal and the benefit to UWHC must be included on an expense report as
noted below. Expenses for alcoholic beverages will not be reimbursed.
D. LODGING - Lodging arrangements in Madison should be cleared through UWHC's Guest
Services department (608-263-0315) prior to the time of reservation. UWHC contractors are
provided with reduced rates at the InnTowner Best Western. Lodging at hotels other than the
Inntowner will be reimbursed up to $109.00 + tax/day. Monthly lodging arrangements for lengthy

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consulting engagements must be approved by the Director of Procurement Services (608) 203-
4640. The monthly arrangements must cost less than the lowest available daily hotel rate times 30
E. RECEIPTS – An itemized receipt is required for reimbursement of any expense. This requirement
may be waived by the responsible UWHC vice president upon request if the consultant has its
own accounting department to process travel expenses and adheres to written internal policies
including reasonable documentation requirements. Such waivers must be included in the
consulting agreement.
F. TIPS - Tips (excluding meal tips) will be reimbursed up to a maximum of $8 per day.
G. NON-REIMBURSABLE EXPENSES - This list is not all-inclusive:
1. Airline upgrades/First Class Air Fare
2. Alcoholic beverages
3. Expenses which are not UWHC business related
4. Laundry, cleaning, pressing
5. Pay to view movies
6. Repairs, towing of vehicle
7. Traffic citations/parking tickets
8. Gifts to employees
9. Minor equipment and office supplies
10. Excessive presentation material charges
H. REQUESTING REIMBURSEMENT- The party awarded the UWHC contract and requesting
reimbursement shall:
1. Complete the UWHC Contractor Expense Report or provide its own detailed report on
2. Submit invoices and receipts attached to the completed UWHC Contractor Expense
Report to the UWHC vice president or authorized agent who has the responsibility to
approve payments unless waived by UWHC as noted in E above.
3. The vice president overseeing the agreement is responsible for reviewing and approving
expense reimbursement requests in accordance with this policy. The CEO, COO or CFO
are the only authorized agents who may approve exceptions to this policy.
4. Upon receipt of the above, UWHC will process payment within 30 days.

Sr. Management Sponsor: SVP, Chief Operating Officer
Author: Director, Procurement Services

Approval Committee: Administrative Policy and Procedure Committee


Ronald Sliwinski
President of University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Chief of Clinical Operations

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