Policies,Administrative,UWHC,Department Specific

UW Organ and Tissue Donation

UW Organ and Tissue Donation - Policies, Administrative, UWHC, Department Specific

Air and Ground Transportation (1.10)
Attendance and Materials for External Professional Events (1.18)
Billing for Export Organs (1.01)
Conflicts of Interest (1.04)
Correspondence and Direct Contact between Donor Families and Recipients (5.02)
Death Record Reconciliation (4.02)
Designated Requestor Policy (1.11)
Donor and Donor in Spirit Family Support Services Program (5.01)
Dress Code (1.12)
Exempt Status Compensatory Time (1.13)
Hospital Development Activities and Hospital Plans (4.03)
Management of Biohazardous Exposures at Donor Hospitals (1.05)
Medical Record Review, Hospital Classifications, and True Conversion Rate (4.01)
Non-Exempt Status Compensatory Time (1.19)
Non-overnight Travel Meal Reimbursement (1.03)
Notification of Late Arrival or Absence for a Scheduled Shift (Clinical Hourly Staff) (1.15)
Occurrence Reporting System (PSN) (1.08)
OPO Qualified Healthcare Professional Staff (1.16)
Organ and Tissue Donor Education Fund (6.03)
Organ Recovery Invoice Processing (1.02)
Patient Chart Creation and Closure (1.09)
Regulatory Data Submission (1.07)
Retention and Security of UW OTD Patient Records and Hospital Development Records (1.06)
Staff Training and Maintenance of Training Records (1.14)
Third Party Award Nominations (6.04)
Third Party Product Purchases (6.05)
UW OTD Department Credit Card (1.17)
UW OTD Glossary (1)
Volunteer On‐boarding, Off‐boarding, and the Communication Process (6.06)