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Financial Screening for Transplant Patients (3.2.26)

Financial Screening for Transplant Patients (3.2.26) - Policies, Administrative, UWHC, Department Specific, Transplant, Transplant - Solid Organ


Effective Date: June 2007
Revised Date: June 2015 Title: Financial Screening for Transplant Patients Policy Number: 3.26

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The purpose of this policy is to articulate the procedure for financial screening for potential
transplant patients.


UW Hospitals and Clinics requires confirmation of ability to pay, either through verified insurance
coverage, eligibility for government programs or personal payment, for all potential transplant
candidates prior to listing a patient for transplant.

A. All patients requesting a transplant evaluation will be referred to a Transplant Financial Counselor
prior to the scheduling of an appointment for evaluation.
B. All registration information is collected and documented in the registration system.
C. Insurance coverage, if present, will be confirmed and benefits specific to outpatient, inpatient and
pharmacy services determined and documented. This will include benefit maximums and other
D. Where insurance coverage is not present, the patient will be screened for eligibility for government
programs or other programs that may provide coverage for the care. Assistance in making
application will be provided by transplant financial counselors, transplant social workers and
government programs coordinators.
E. Where no coverage for the transplant and post-transplant care is available, a financial statement
from the patient will be obtained to assess the patient's ability to pay for the care.
F. Uninsured patients without financial means to pay for their pre and post-transplant care will not be
granted an appointment for transplant evaluation or listed for transplant at UWHC. An uninsured
individual with means to pay for the transplant will be required to make a deposit equal to the cost
of the first year's transplant related services, including pre and post-transplant care and
pharmaceuticals prior to the first appointment.
G. Charity Care consideration will not be given with regard to transplant services because both the cost
for the initial transplant procedure and the lifetime cost of post-transplant care exceeds the
financial resources of UWHC and would limit our ability to provide charity care to other patients.
H. Consistent with UWHC Administrative Policy 2.20, prepayment of 100% of the estimated charges for
a transplant will be required before listing any foreign national for transplant. A 10% reduction off
of billed charges may be granted for prepayment.

Effective Date: June 2007
Revised Date: June 2015 Title: Financial Screening for Transplant Patients Policy Number: 3.26

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I. For patients transferred from another hospital:
1. The transferring facility will be informed of their obligation to accept return of the patient
after stabilization if the patient is determined not to be a suitable candidate for transplant.


University of Wisconsin Transplant Program
Senior Management Sponsor: Chief Financial Officer
Author: VP, Revenue Cycle

Approval Committee: Administrative Policy & Procedure Committee


Transplant Service Line Director
Transplant Operations Director
Kidney Transplant Manager
Liver Transplant Manager
Heart and Lung Transplant Manager

Ron Sliwinski