Policies,Administrative,UWHC,Department Specific,Transplant

Transplant - Solid Organ

Transplant - Solid Organ - Policies, Administrative, UWHC, Department Specific, Transplant

ABO & Other Vital Data Verification of Deceased Donor and Intended Recipient Prior to Organ Procurement (3.59)
ABO Verification of Transplant Recipients and Living Donors Prior to Transplant (3.60)
Accepting and Scheduling New External Post-Transplant Patients (3.47)
Adding Patients to the UNOS National Waitlist (3.09)
Coordination of Organ Transplants (3.14)
Data Management and Source Documentation Policy (5.0)
Determination of Medical Urgency for Kidney Transplantation (1.23)
Disease Transmission Reporting Policy (3.21)
Donor Vessel Recovery, Transplant and Storage Policy (3.52)
Financial Screening for Transplant Patients (3.2.26)
Increased Risk Donor Organ Policy (3.10)
Management of Patients During Inpatient Stay and Discharge – Abdominal Transplant (3.16)
Management of Patients During Inpatient Stay and Discharge – Cardiopulmonary Transplant (3.16.2)
Management of Patients Post-Transplantation (3.18)
Managing Patients on Wait List (3.12)
Multidisciplinary Patient Care Team (3.39)
Patient Consent Process (3.06)
Patient Evaluation and Selection Process (3.33)
Policy Development and Maintenance (3.01)
Prescription Renewal (3.36)
Referring Physician and Local Provider Communication Plan (3.04)
Removal of Patients from the UNOS National Waitlist (3.05)
Reporting of Post-Transplant Patients (3.20)
Transplant - Histocompatibility Lab Crossmatch Agreement (3.51)