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Multi Victim Trauma Response (1.28)

Multi Victim Trauma Response (1.28) - Policies, Administrative, UWHC, Department Specific, Respiratory Care Services, Administrative/Organizational


1.28 Multi Victim Trauma Response
Category: UWHC Patient Care Policy
Effective Date: October 4, 2017
Version: Revision
Manual: Respiratory Care Services
Section: Administration/Organization

I. PURPOSE: Respiratory Care (RC) response in the event of a multiple victim trauma

II. POLICY: RC will maintain priority services, e.g., ventilator care and essential treatments
during implementation of the Multi Victim Trauma Plan. The charge therapist will coordinate
staff and equipment response.

A. The charge therapist will be notified of a Trauma Alert by pager “5-7332*911”.
B. The charge therapist then calls the message line, 265-7332, to get details of the
C. Paging will page the charge therapist “5-7332*911.”
1. All UWHC staff report to the RC conference room E5/485.
2. All AFCH staff report to the PICU.
D. Charge therapist will notify RC Administrator on Call (AOC).
E. Charge therapist will assign therapists to cover the Emergency Department, ICU’s and
to obtain necessary equipment.
F. Routine (non-life support) therapy may be put on hold.
G. Once all patients have arrived and have been assessed, the AOC will contact off duty
personnel, directing employees to report to work as needed. Those refusing to report
may be subject to discipline.
H. As soon as is possible, resume all routine patient care procedures.

A. UWHC P&P 5.1.10 Adult Trauma: Trauma Team Response at University Hospital
B. UWHC P&P 5.1.8 Adult Trauma: Multi Victim Response at University Hosptial
C. UWHC P&P 5.1.11 Pediatric Trauma

Approved by Director and Medical Director of Respiratory Care.