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Orientation and Continuing Education (1.17)

Orientation and Continuing Education (1.17) - Policies, Administrative, UWHC, Department Specific, Respiratory Care Services, Administrative/Organizational



1.17 Orientation & Continuing Education
Category: UWHC Administrative Policy
Effective Date: February 1, 2018
Version: Revision
Manual: Respiratory Care Services

A. To establish guidelines for orientation of new Respiratory Care Services (RCS) personnel and to ensure that they
demonstrate the ability to set-up and monitor equipment, perform patient care procedures and understand
departmental practices.
B. To establish guidelines for departmental educational offerings.

A. All newly employed members of Respiratory Care (RCS) will attend UWHC Academy’s “New Employee
Orientation” (NEO).
B. All new members of RCS will complete an orientation process that familiarizes them with their job, the hospital
and the area/team where they will be assigned.
C. During the orientation process, the employee will demonstrate their ability to perform procedures and operate
equipment as indicated in their position description.
D. RCS staff members will participate in the hospital’s in-service education programs.
E. RCS Staff will annually demonstrate competencies to perform specific procedures or utilization/operation of
specific equipment identified by various departmental monitors.

A. Employee will attend appropriate NEO program.
B. Employee will be given a list of orientation learner objectives specific to the responsibilities of the position they
are to perform.
1. Each objective will be signed and dated by the area supervisor or their designate as the objective is
2. Upon completion of area objectives each supervisor signs and dates the Orientation Summary.
3. The new staff member also signs and dates the summary demonstrating that the objectives were met.
4. Any objectives that were not demonstrated due to lack of equipment or opportunity will be noted on the
Orientation Summary for completion prior to end of probationary period.
5. The staff member will keep the departmental orientation packet for future reference.
6. The Orientation Summary will be placed in the employee’s departmental personnel file.
C. Employees will participate in hospital-sponsored and departmental in-services.
1. Employees will participate in all training required by UW Health.
2. Respiratory Care Services will maintain an educational database.
D. With the approval of Respiratory Care director or supervisor, RC staff may attend non-required educational
forums such as:
1. Advanced Cardiac Life Support
2. Pediatric Advanced Life Support
3. State or National Conventions
4. Relevant educational conferences
E. RC staff may attend hospital-sponsored educational opportunities, team meetings and grand rounds as staffing
permits and with the approval of their supervisor.
F. All employees are expected to attend or read minutes of their respective team meetings.
G. All employees are required to complete departmental education in the designated timeframe. Employee
supervisors will be notified if not completed.

Approved by Director and Medical Director of Respiratory Care Services