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Training and Travel Reimbursement (1.07)

Training and Travel Reimbursement (1.07) - Policies, Administrative, UWHC, Department Specific, Respiratory Care Services, Administrative/Organizational


1.07 Training and Travel Reimbursement
Category: UWHC Administrative Policy
Effective Date: January 18, 2017
Version: Revision
Manual: Respiratory Care Services
Section: Administrative/Organizational

This policy provides guidelines for approval and support of all Respiratory Care Services (RCS) employee’s
participation in educational activities. Continuing education is highly valued at UW-Health. It is a shared
responsibility between the organization and the health care professionals employed. UW-Health has the
responsibility to educate staff regarding the knowledge and skills required by specific organizational roles
and positions. Individual health professionals are also responsible for pursuing their own professional

A. All leave and compensation for training must be approved by the Respiratory Therapy Director and is
based on available funds, staffing constrains and employee performance.
B. Employees must submit a request using the Travel/Education/Conference Request Form (see Related
C. The following guidelines will be considered for approval for reimbursement.
1. Employee is responsible for implementing a new program (e.g., pulmonary rehab program, sleep
disorders program).
2. Employee is presenting at a conference.
3. Conferences need to be sponsored by a recognized organization with appropriate credentials,
accreditation and continuing education units (CEUs).
4. Employee’s work performance must be in good standing, scoring a 3or above on their annual
performance review.
5. Employee is not on a disciplinary track for work rule violations.
6. Employee must demonstrate an ongoing commitment to education by participating in educational
activities sponsored by UW Respiratory Care including:
a. Attend and participate in department and team meetings
b. Complete all required competencies in the designated time.
7. Staffing levels are not adversely affected.
D. Employees may receive one day's pay (8 or 12 hours depending upon the employee’s work shift) up to a
maximum of three days per year per person to attend externally sponsored conferences.
1. Paid Seminar days will include only regularly scheduled work days; days regularly scheduled off will
not result in additional pay.
2. If an employee is mandated to attend an educational conference, all days will be in pay status.
E. Consideration will be given to the number and type of externally sponsored and institutionally
funded programs the employee has attended in the past three years.
F. Employee must be an active member of the American Association of Respiratory Care (AARC) in
order to receive financial support to attend the conference.
A. To request support for any educational opportunity, submit a Travel/Education/Conference Request
Form and a brochure for the program to employee’s supervisor at least ten weeks in advance of the
program/travel date in order to receive prepayment of fees by UW-Health.
B. When payment for an approved off-site program cannot be made in advance by UW-Health, the
employee will receive the approved level of reimbursement only after all appropriate documentation is
submitted to the department administrative assistant (please see department administrative assistant for
written information regarding receipts and documentation of expenses). Reimbursement claims made
after the fiscal year-end (June 30th) cutoff date will not be honored and reimbursement to the employee
will not be made.

C. Upon return from the program the employee is expected to present the information learned to others in
the department via an in-service education presentation, an article in the Respiratory Reporter, or other
agreed-upon means with their supervisor/manager.

A. Request for Travel/Education Approval (UWH 184).
B. RCS Travel/Education/Conference Request Form.
C. Program Brochure for registration.
D. Copy of Employee’s active AARC membership #

Approved by Director and Medical Director of Respiratory Care.