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Verification of Licensure (1.03)

Verification of Licensure (1.03) - Policies, Administrative, UWHC, Department Specific, Respiratory Care Services, Administrative/Organizational


1.03 Verification of Licensure
Category: UWHC Departmental Policy
Policy Number: 1.03
Effective Date: November 1, 2017
Version: Revision
Manual: Respiratory Care Services (RCS)
Section: Administrative/Organizational (RCS)


To provide guidelines for verification of licensure and proof of renewal for all certified and registered
Respiratory Care Practitioners (RCP) employed by UWHC and AFCH.


Respiratory Care Services (RCS) will ensure that all Respiratory Care Practitioners have the current
license to practice in the state of Wisconsin.


A. Verification At Time of Hire:
1. A Recruiter/Recruitment Specialist in the Recruitment Center will verify licensure as well
as Respiratory Care Credentials as part of the new hire process. Therapists are expected
to hold their Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) credential upon hire, unless they are
a new graduate. New Graduates will be given a six month time frame to obtain their RRT.
This includes travelers that are employed by RCS. This verification will be completed
against the primary source via a secure electronic communication or via telephone (if
documented). See Hospital Administrative Policy 9.18, Employment/Pre-Employment
Reference & Background Checks.
2. The Administrative Assistant for RCS will verify licensure on the first day of orientation
to the RC Department if it is not already documented in PeopleSoft. The source for
verification is Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS) web
site www.dsps.wi.gov.
3. Employees that do not have an active license at the time of hire will not be allowed to
work until they have an active license.
B. Verification of Renewal:
1. Bi-annual RCP license renewal needs to be complete by the end of June on
even numbered years. Staff will provide a copy of the license, or forward the renewal
confirmation from DSPS to the Administrative Assistant for RCS. The administrative
assistant will then verify licensure by checking the DSPS website at www.dsps.wi.gov.
and entering the data into PeopleSoft.
2. Employees are responsible to maintain respiratory care credentials and to remain in good
standing with the National Board for Respiratory Care.
3. Employees have an ongoing obligation to inform their supervisor if their license to
practice expires, is suspended, or revoked. See Hospital Administrative Policy 9.18.
Employment/Pre-Employment Reference & Background Checks. An employee whose
licensure is not current or has been suspended or revoked will be immediately removed
from patient care responsibilities and UWHC will process the employee for termination
from employment unless it is likely that the employee will return to work within a
reasonable period of time.


A. Hospital Administrative Policy 9.18 Employment/Pre-Employment Reference & Background
B. Hospital Administrative Policy #9.41, Verification of Licensure or Certification
C. State of Wisconsin Department of Regulation & Licensing web site: www.drl.wi.gov

Approved by the Director and Medical Director of Respiratory Care
Original copy of this Policy & Procedure is available in the Respiratory Care Office [E5/489].